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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Scoreboard 3-17-2015

1. Hillary inducted into the American Irish Hall of Fame. Inducted, not indicted.

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2. Republican Congressman Aaron Schock of Illinois resigns one step ahead of the sheriff.

3. Golda Meir smiles.


4. "The government paid out $124.7 billion in potentially bogus payments last year, the government’s chief watchdog said Monday, blaming a controversial tax credit for the poor as well as increased bad payments in Medicare and Medicaid. One major problem is tracking when Americans die — the Social Security Administration admitted last week that its rolls are filled with names of more than 6 million folks who are listed as 112 years of age or older."

Fired? Expect bonuses. This is Obama's plan to bankrupt America, financially and morally. EVIL.

5. "House GOP budget cuts $5.5 trillion in spending, balances in nine years." This makes President Marvin the Martian so angry. GOOD.

6. "Holder goes out swinging." Marc Rich's pardoner continues to plague the nation with his divisiveness. EVIL.

7. "National Journal Senior Political Columnist and Editorial Director Ron Fournier said that Democrats are 'scared to death' over the scandals regarding donations to the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton’s emails." You think 2014 was a shellacking, just what until the Democratic Party's membership in the House is down to the black caucus. GOOD.

8. "Secret Service Wants a Fake White House to Help Protect the Real One." Why not? We already have a fake president. This will cost $8 million. Only in government do we reward incompetence, neglect, insubordination, and drunkardness with money. EVIL.

9. "A militant Wisconsin group funded heavily by the National Education Association — America’s largest teachers union — unfurled a banner declaring ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS at an anti-police protest last week." If you can ready this sign, thank a teacher -- literally. EVIL.

10. "Starbucks to encourage baristas to discuss race relations with customers." If Starbucks really wanted to help, it would charge black people $1 a cup, white people $10. EVIL.

11. "Robert Rector Estimates Lifetime Retirement Costs Of Illegals Granted Executive Amnesty At $1.3 Trillion." It's all about spending. Obama and company want what happened to the Soviet Union in 1991 to happen here. EVIL.

From the blog:

12. "Let me call you Tweet heart." I crack me up. GOOD.

13. "Journalistic liars cost 8,000 households a quarter-billion dollars." EVIL.

14. "How to hack Hillary's email." So easy, a liberal from Wheeling can do it. EVIL.

15. Had the top down but it was not a Top Down Day. Still, no rain helps the waters recede. We need to dry out. GOOD.

Today's American Vignette: "Jim Bridger. The greatest Plainsman."

Final score: EVIL 8, GOOD 7.


  1. !--Dang it, Don, I wanted BOTH boxes.

    2--Link?? Please.


    9--What will the police unions do? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

    4,11,13--OY! Dems. Worthless, expensive, and not good-looking.

  2. Forgot! Jim Bridger--First the Indians shot his horse out from under him, and then, and then, his deodorant failed and his undershorts rode up. After that, the Indians killed him.

  3. 3. It's Golda, not Gold, Don. Golda Meir was elected PM of Israel just a few months short of her 71st birthday. Grew up in Milwaukee and Denver. Had balls of steel. Hillary is no Golda.