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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Scoreboard 3-15-2015

1. John Bolton says President Obama's Iran cave-in is an unprecedented surrender. How soon they forget Obama's cave-in to Cuba. EVIL.

2. Joe Manchin sings "Stand By Barack (and Tell the World You Love Him)." Yep, that will help Joe get elected governor -- of Teheran. EVIL.

3. James Carville says Hillary's "challengers" are wasting their time. Just like Barack Obama in 2008. GOOD.

4. "Conservative Intellectual: Feminism Has Been A ‘Disaster’ For American Women." And what exactly is wrong with living in retirement with a roomful of cats? GOOD.

5. Ferguson Police arrested a black man and charged him with shooting them. See, more black profiling. GOOD.

6. NCAA brackets come out today. Oh boy, now President Obama will have something to do with his time besides watch ESPN and golf. America has five retired presidents: Carter, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and this guy. GOOD.

7. "McConnell suggests Senate will delay Lynch's AG vote until Dems pass anti-human trafficking bill." But ending human sex trafficking will piss off Bill Clinton and powerful Democratic donors. GOOD.

8. Iraqi forces prepare final assault against the Islamic State. I thought President Obama said the war in Iraq was over. GOOD.

9. "State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office has opened a criminal investigation into the state Thruway Authority — including a possible call-girl scandal, the Daily News has learned." You get the feeling those tolls are going to something other than road maintenance? EVIL.

10. Top Down Day GOOD.

From the blog:

11. "Walker: 'Islamic terrorism is like a virus'." GOOD.

12. "Tweets beat the Gazette in covering the Legislature." GOOD.

Today's American Vignette: "Isaac Murphy. Arkansas's lone vote against secession."

Final score: GOOD 10, EVIL 2.


  1. 1--Cuba is nothing compared to Iran.

    3--You know, I haven't missed Snakehead.

  2. I know what it's implying, but that red (!) front page banner would have had even more impact if it had read, THE AMERICAN? If you judge by his actions, not his words, it remains an open question. Does anyone still believe his actions show he wants the Iraquis to defeat ISIL? I don't. He has laid out the red (!) carpet for Iran to extend its hegemony over all of the Levant. Obama, not ISIL, is now the greatest threat to US security and peace in the Middle East.

  3. 2--- Manchin often lectures about talking with one voice.... Kind of hard to do with two faces...