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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Scoreboard 3-14-2015

1. "Increase in Sex Offenders Crossing the Border." Ah, the Wet Dreamer. You mean criminals don't obey the immigration law, too? Mercy. EVIL.



3. Judge orders State Department to turn the Hillary emails over to Citizens United. Madison and Jefferson high five in heaven. Down below, Lord North is not amused. GOOD.

4. Michelle and Barack fly to California in separate planes. A marriage as sham as the Clinton's. You pay the bill, John Q. Public. EVIL.

5. Rand Paul says America's criminal justice system has a race problem. Yes, half the murders are committed by a race that represents 12% of the people. Time for that race to quit killing people. EVIL.

6. Federal government forced to return 42 eagle feathers to an Indian tribe in Texas. The Bush administration seized the feathers in 2006 in a fit of bureaucratic bullying. Someone's pension should be revoked. EVIL.

7. The feathers being returned is good, though. GOOD.

8. Republican Congresswoman Susan Brooks of Indiana wants Hillary to turn her server in to a neutral party. Switzerland, you're up. GOOD.

9. "Vice President Biden painted skeptics of climate change as stupid in a recent interview." Like a frog calling you ugly. GOOD.

From the blog:

10. "Jeb blasts Republicans. Screw Jeb." Remember when he was a Republican instead of a whiny RINO? EVIL.

11. "England suffers wettest drought in history." Everything is global warming. EVIL.

12. "Where was the bipartisanship in 2009?" We have a real divide. This will not end soon or well. EVIL.

Today's American Vignette: "Lucy Beaman Hobbs Taylor. First woman dentist."

Final score: EVIL 7, GOOD 5.

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