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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Scoreboard 3-12-2015

1. Top down day. Woo hoo. A week ago, the snow was so bad, Waste Management called in sick. GOOD.

2. Thanks to Eric Holder, it is open season on police officers in Ferguson, Missouri. Every rap song is coming true in this regime. EVIL.

3. Judge to Obama administration: Explain why you lied to me after I ordered you to quit granting amnesty. Don't worry. The media is cool with presidential perjury. GOOD.

4. "Khamenei condemns Republican letter on Iran, bemoans U.S. 'tricks'." Hey, President Walker, how about Tom Cotton as Secretary of State. Pretty sure he doesn't own a server. GOOD.

5. "Military families grieve for 11 killed in Black Hawk crash." Training deaths are as hard as those in combat. Heroes all. EVIL.

6. "Most Chill Baby Of All Time Throws Up The Peace Sign In The Womb." So much for babies-don't-feel-pain at 20 weeks. GOOD.

7. "First female president or vice president near-certain come 2016." Every woman with a shot at it, take one step forward. Uh, Hillary, just stay where you are. GOOD.

8. Transgendered teen gets reality show. 21st century Lance Loud. GOOD.

9. "Obama budget projected to add $6 Trillion to deficit." That is 6 million million. The most irresponsible president ever. EVIL.

10. Louisiana transit official apologizes for saying more white bus drivers are needed to attract white passengers. Isn't that the argument for having more black police officers? Either way, it is wrong. EVIL.

11, "Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that the most obvious way to mitigate climate change internationally is to shift the world’s economies away from fossil fuels." Shouldn't the secretary of state concentrate on matters of diplomacy and avoiding World War III? EVIL.

From the blog:

12. "Did 60 Minutes get it wrong?" Spoiler alert: The answer is yes. EVIL.

13. "Mission accomplished, Eric Holder." What a weasel. EVIL.

14. "Black lives matter -- even if the NAACP does not care." Black U.S. marshal killed in Louisiana. EVIL.

15. "I now watch weasels." GOOD.

Today's American Vignette: "Raymond Loewy. He gave America style."

Final score: EVIL 8, GOOD 7.

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