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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Scoreboard 3-11-2015

1. President Obama wants Congress to authorize a war on JVs. Only if every Democrat who votes for it promises to commit hari-kari if he or she decides to oppose the war later. Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq -- send their kids this time. EVIL.

2. By the way, Bush handed him American control of two of Iran's neighbors. Obama squandered both because instead of Dick Cheney, Obama had Joe the Perv Biden as his consigliere. EVIL.

3. I had the top down today. I have a feeling we need all the good news we can get today. GOOD.

4. "Daughter reunited with mother after two decades via Facebook." Gonna need that one, too. GOOD,

5. "Republicans on Wednesday were playing defense on Iran after blowback from an open letter to Tehran’s leadership signed by a majority of GOP senators." One clown plus the Washington-New York media can overcome the will of the American people. Right, John Kerry? EVIL.

6. Congress may end the annual "save the doctors from a 20% pay cut in Medicare" emergency. Now to end that annual panic that the Alternative Minimum Tax will swamp the middle-class taxpayers. GOOD.

7. Airports want to increase passenger fees from the current $4.50 to a whopping $8.50. Oh no, how will passengers survive? GOOD.

8. The Associated Press sued to get Hillary's emails. Someone at AP must love cat pictures. GOOD.

9. "Senate Faces Trust Breakdown Over Abortion." Had the same problem 160 years ago over attempts to ban or limit slavery. GOOD.

10. Orange County Register is shutting down. Dozens of readers search for a new source for news. GOOD.

11. "Star Wars" to introduce first gay character. I guess C3P0 and Jar-Jar Binks did not count. EVIL.

From the blog:

12. "I believe the Clintons." EVIL.

13. "Capito's star rises." That's my senator! GOOD.

14. "She'll get away with it." Liberal ire won't last. EVIL.

15. "Obamacare works -- for drug companies and insurers." EVIL.

Today's American Vignette: "Lawrence Well was wunnerful."

Final score: GOOD 8, EVIL 7.

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  1. 11. But why stop there? Surely Star Wars needs a LBTQWERTY character, too. And while we are at it, when will Disney introduce the first Muslim character? Doesn't a galaxy far, far away have room for a vegan Jedi? The mind boggles!

    One cannot help but wonder: just how crappy and ridiculous does a Star Wars movie/book have to be before fans will stop paying for it?