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Monday, March 16, 2015

President Kerry?

The assumption was the successful ABC effort -- Anybody But Clinton -- ended with the nomination of Barack Obama in 2008. People acted as if Obama agreed to support Hillary in 2016 in exchange for her support in 2008. But when you assume you make an ass of u and me. Look, Obama did not need her help to get elected. In fact, he won despite her.

Which is why I made no big deal of the revelation last week that Valerie Jarrett, the de facto president, leaked the existence of Hillary's cache of private emails as secretary of State. The ABC movement is alive and well and living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Ed Klein, author of "Blood Feud," which chronicles the bitter dislike of the Obamas for the Clintons, which is reciprocal, broke that story last week. Today, he told Stuart Varney on the Fox Business Network that the email is the first of six scandals Valerie Jarrett will leak soon. The next three involve money -- her expense account, the State Department budget, and the Clinton Foundation laundering foreign bribes -- while Ed Klein said he doesn't know what is behind door No. 5 and No. 6.

We shall see.

However, Ed Klein made an interesting observation. How do you investigate Hillary at the State Department without the knowledge of Secretary of State John Kerry?

OK, he's John Kerry and dumb as Joe Biden. But surely someone in John Kerry's inner circle would notice the probe even if they were not tipped to it in the first place. Perhaps his appointment as secretary of State was to prop him up as presidential timber.

Ed Klein told Larry Kudlow: “This administration, the Obama administration, will do virtually anything to prevent Hillary from becoming president. It’s their view that if she does become president — like her husband, Bill — she will govern from the left of center and not be a true liberal, and will, therefore, compromise with Republicans like Bill did when he was in office, and will undo a lot of the Obama legacy.”

That includes helping Republicans, if she is nominated.

But why John Kerry?

First, he's not Elizabeth Warren, who has positioned herself as the vanguard of the Left. Outside of Massachusetts, she is a terrible campaigner (as is John Kerry) and her vitriolic against money interests is a turn-off to the billionaires who run the Democratic Party. There is only so much slander Tom Steyer and Warren Buffett are willing to take.

Second, he's a white male which would underline Barack Obama's trailblazing as the first black president. After the pancaking of Obamacare on the nation and the throttling of amnesty for illegal aliens, even those inside the bunker must realize that likely is his only positive as president; plumping up racism in America also is a way of making his crossing of the color line even bigger.

Third, money. John Kerry can raise it.

Fourth, Joe Biden. Just what President Obama saw in him, the world may never know.

Forget O'Malley or anyone else. In fact, forget the Democratic Party caucuses and primaries. The nomination will be decided in the Oval Office. I thought originally that the leaks were to inoculate her. I now realize the White House wants to bring her down and nominate the best chance to win in November 2016.

Republicans should worry. Obama and company were good enough to elect and re-elect him. Don't denigrate their ability to make anyone president, including John Kerry.


  1. Don't you think the real competition between the Clintons and the Obamas is all about the money? Since Bill left the presidency in 2001, the Clintons have amassed themselves a tidy fortune for their "foundation," which allows them to live a very luxurious globetrotting lifestyle. Don't you think the Obamas harbor the same ambitions? Is there enough "free money" to go around from wealthy Liberal donors to support both the Clintons and the Obamas? And who desperately wants the fawning public attention more, the Cs or the Os? Never underestimate the tenacity and ferocity of two ambitious women who are engaged in a cat fight.

  2. I guess we can take it for a given the two families are the like the Montagues and the Capulets, without the kids of opposite sexes. They hate each other.

  3. obama selected biden for vp because he wanted people in his administration who are dumber than he is. obama didn't want anyone to show him up for being stupid. Take a look at hillary and kerry as further examples.

  4. I'm good with ABC. as well as ABO, ABK, ABB. I guess I'm just anyone but a democrat..
    My 2008/10/12/14 voting rubric will still be in force.
    1) No democrat
    2) No Incumbent
    3) No unopposed

  5. I was for John Kerry before I was against him

  6. First of all, unlike Obama's secret letter to the Iranian crackpots in 2008, Tom Cotton's letter was strictly a public statement, not a real letter. Second of all, members of Congress have the right (and I think the obligation) to speak out in public at any time about any issue that's as important as this one.

    Unconstitutional, John? No, I don't think so. It's kind of suspicious that you and Obama are about to sell out America. Otherwise, why would you be attacking Cotton so viciously? You know, this is getting to be a bad habit with you, Johnnie boy. Wasn't slandering our troops in Vietnam enough for one man's lifetime of shame?