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Friday, March 13, 2015

Poor school districts get more than rich ones

Washington Post chart shows in 47 states poor school districts receive more funding than rich ones -- when federal funding is included. Without federal funding, 26 states do -- 23 did not (Hawaii has a single district).

Note the story is slanted. Disgustingly so.

Now to make the results match the taxpayers effort.


  1. In Atlanta they spend more than $12K per student and they had to cheat to deliver decent test scores for NCLB,

    1. You and I could keep kids dumb cheaper. Of course we would not preach that socialist nonsense

  2. White rural districts really get the cruddy end of the funding stick.

    Yet, compare standardized test scores between those and those well funded "poor" "urban" districts.

  3. WaPo slants story? Quelle Suprise!