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Sunday, March 01, 2015

NYT: Fracking will turn the Sahara into a desert

The New York Times story on hydraulic fracturing in the Sahara is so one-sided that it amounts to an editorial. Carlotta Gall just assumes fracking harms the environment, and thus she did not bother to contact anyone in the industry to defend the practice.

The result is laughable -- but also revealing, for she does quote socialists. Lots of them. And in so doing, she shows just what the anti-fracking movement is all about.


From the New York TimesAt first glance, Algeria might seem an unlikely place for the sort of popular movement against fracking, a method of tapping into deep deposits of shale gas, that has unfolded in many Western countries. Money from oil and gas accounts for 97 percent of exports and keeps afloat a socialist system of generous public subsidies for everything from food to housing.”

Ah, the dirty little secret about Muslim states: They are socialist. The state provides food, shelter and clothing. All you have to do is obey.

No wonder liberals secretly admire Islam.

But the New York Times said fracking changes everything:
In the past, the government has proved skillful at handling such popular unrest with a mixture of police repression and political and financial inducements made possible by its oil reserves. But the sharp fall in oil prices threatens to usher in a severe budget crisis and to undercut that long-tested strategy for preserving the peace and holding off demands for change.
“The winds of social change will blow from the south,” Rachid Tlemcani, a professor of history at the University of Algiers, predicted. “In the north the demands of people are housing, jobs and for their share of the oil revenues. But in the south, they are saying we don’t need shale gas, for the sake of the environment. They have a very high social conscience.”
Now just what exactly are the environmental concerns in a desert?
The protesters have tapped several important veins of popular anger. One is strong environmental concern over scarce water reserves in the desert towns; the fracking process is water intensive and, potentially, water polluting.
Lingering anti-colonial resentment is also a factor. The foreign company involved in the exploration — Total — has its headquarters in France, Algeria’s former colonial master, where it has been prohibited from using the same fracking methods on environmental grounds.
Yes, those environmental grounds. The new standard is "potentially water polluting," which means guilty before proven innocent.

It's socialism. Just as with the false connection between autism and MMR vaccines, this protest plays upon people's ignorance of science. And it works.



  1. All you have to do is obey.

    And that is the number one tenet of Islam. Islam doesn't mean peace as so many of its apologists claim. It means submission which is the literal translation if Islam.