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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Monster kills father of three for $20

Michael Price, 36, delivered pizzas for Domino's in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans to help support his wife and their three children, ages 8, 6, and 2. He worked Monday night until the wee hours of Tuesday, when he was shot and killed while delivering a pizza.

He is the second Domino's driver shot and killed in New Orleans in the last six months. Two teenagers are charged with gunning down Chris Yeager, 35, on September 22.

Drivers carry no more than $20. Pizza chain policy aimed at reducing assaults on drivers. But drivers also do not carry guns.

At least one gun rights advocate has pointed out the absurdity of not allowing drivers to defend themselves.

"As Breitbart News reported on February 11, Domino’s gun-ban-by-corporate-fiat model is costing Domino’s Pizza delivery drivers their lives, their dignity, and their peace of mind. It’s time for the company to amend the policy so as to allow drivers with concealed carry permits to keep a gun with them for self-defense," Awr Hawkins wrote.

There also is the issue of race. Chris Yeager was white. The 16-year-old males charged with his second-degree murder, Shane Hughes and Rendell Brown, are black. No one in the press wants to mention the fact that black people kill more white people than white people kill black people in America. It is only national news and a cause célèbre if the victim is black and the perp is white. #PizzaDriversLivesMatter.

I am not saying black people are hunting down white people. What I am saying is concentrating on white homicides of black men obfuscates the problem of lawlessness.

What's the answer?

I hope Michael Price's widow sues Domino's for deliberately endangering her husband's life with a policy that sucks up to the socialists on the left.

Meanwhile, every Domino's delivery person should either arm himself or herself -- or quit.

I often write no one should die mining coal. Let me add, no one should die delivering pizza.


  1. Amen. No employer should be able to dictate whether an employee is permitted the tools to defend themselves unless they agree to be responsible for the safety of that employee.
    Employers have no desire to take on that risk. And unfortunately, no one is forcing them to. Unless courts allow those harmed by these company policies to sue and juries award significant damages nothing will change.
    Presently they think it preferable to avoid the risk associated with an armed employee harming an innocent.
    This is a great place for a "Don't ask, don't tell" policy. Employers make no policy prohibiting or permitting working legally armed and the law not hold the employer at fault for an armed employee absent a pattern of erratic behavior.

  2. Apparently robbery was not the motive.

  3. Why is this not national news? Two innocent pizza delivery guys. Killed by thugs. You know why. Suppose they pointed plastic guns at cops, it still wouldn't be news. I feel bad. The news media will promote racism for ratings. Used to be they were about reporting facts. I tried to tinge this comment towards racism to see if they would notice, doubt full.