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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mission accomplished, Eric Holder

On August 9, 2014, a 300-pound black thief named Michael Brown attacked a police officer and tried to get his gun. Instead, he got bullets. His accomplice in the crime claimed that Michael Brown had his hands up when he was shot and killed.

Other witnesses said the accomplice was lying.

The NAACP, Comcast (through its employee Al Sharpton), and Eric Holder, the Obama administration point man in this, ignored the truth, used the incident for political purposes, and watched as rioters tore up the town of Ferguson, Missouri.

The officer had no choice but to shoot and kill the perpetrator, who, by attacking the officer and running, put civilian lives in jeopardy.

When the truth came out, Eric Holder and the Obama administration shape-shifted the issue to the cops handing out too many traffic tickets to black people.

This forced several city officials to resign. The police chief and his deputy will receive severance pay.

This led to a riot last night, which led to the shooting of two officers.

On November 30, 2014, I advised the police to leave, residents to move, and businesses to take the insurance money and run: Do not rebuild in Ferguson.

This is why. 

My previous post on a black U.S. marshal gunned down outside of Baton Rouge last week: "Black lives matter -- even if the NAACP does not care."


  1. Black lives only matter when it's a white dude killing a black dude. If black lives really mattered, they would quit killing each other. More blacks are killed by other blacks in a week in Chicago than are killed in a year by white cops.

  2. FB needs a "Dislike", you need something besides "funny", "interesting", or "cool".

    "Tragic truth" would have worked here.

  3. Black lives don't matter unless the race hustlers can profit off them.

  4. Naw....just pull an ISIS...bulldoze Ferguson into the ground.

  5. The truth may already have come out, or may yet come out, depending on whether the courts allow a grand juror to tell all about the secret grand jury proceedings. In any case, it won't change anyone's mind in Ferguson, and that will lead to white flight. Ferguson is on the ineluctable path to becoming a black ghetto: separate and unequally destitute. The Myth of Michael Brown continues to grow, thanks to race hustlers like Obama and Holder.