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Saturday, March 07, 2015

McCain man convinced me: Walker in 2016

I know it is too early. I know he can crash and burn. I know I should hear from everyone before I decide.

But Mark Salter has convinced me that Scott Walker is America's best bet as our 45th president by calling Scott Walker a dumbass.

After 6 years of President Einstein, I want a dumbass president. I want someone who left college a few weeks early. I want a mouth-breather.

And it is not just because Mark Salter was a loser staffer for that loser John McCain's losing presidential campaign in 2008.

OK, that is part of it. But not all of it.

From Business Insider:
Mark Salter, who was a top adviser on the 2008 presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain (R), is not a fan of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R).
On Thursday, Salter went on Facebook and posted an article criticizing a comment Walker made about the Islamic State jihadist group (also known as ISIS or ISIL) at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Salter added a colorful comment.
"I want to like him but Scott Walker is kind of a dumb ass," Salter wrote.
While Mark Salter was running his mouth, Scott Walker was preparing to sign a bill into law that will make Wisconsin the 25th Right To Work state in the land.

Actions, not words.

Scott Walker, 2016.

He took on labor and won.



  1. McCain staffers, like McCain himself, were always better at criticizing fellow Republicans than Democrats. Democrats typically support fellow party members, no matter what.

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  3. Mark Salter, one of the geniuses who managed one of the most incompetent presidential campaigns of my lifetime, calling someone else a dumbass is a hoot! Have you looked in a mirror lately Mark? Had I seen this yesterday he would have been a candidate for the prestigious AOTW Award.

  4. Guys like Salter are good at their jobs: losing elections. If the Democrats aren't paying them, they should be.

  5. Guys like Salter are good at their jobs: losing elections. If the Democrats aren't paying them, they should be.

  6. Headline: Loser backs Bigger Loser. Translation; Democratic Prez victory in 2016.
    Eat yer heart out Surber

  7. Walker's record speaks for the man. Dems are really scared. So are some GOPers.