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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Journalism is anti-white, anti-male

They were the stories of the year. A white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager who had his hands up. A fraternity at the University of Virginia gang-raped an innocent college freshman.

Both stories were lies. The stories fed the biases of journalists. The journalists never questioned the veracity of the sources of these stories. Journalists recklessly published and broadcast these lies, which did physical, financial, and emotional harm to thousands of people.

If any other product in America caused as much damage, its manufacturers would face class action suits.

Instead, the news industry hides behind freedom of speech -- something it never extends to conservatives or anyone else without the orthodox view of life.

Readers know all about Ferguson, Missouri, which now stands as a testament to the racism of America. Journalists now assume every black man tells the truth and no white man does.

But after the story of Trayvon Martin unraveled -- just as the Crystal Magnum and Tawana Brawley tales did -- why did journalists buy the lie again?

And why do journalists not feel any sense of responsibility for the rioting, looting and ultimately drop in property values suffered in a town that is two-thirds black? Indeed,no one ever seemed to be curious as to why black people wanted to live in such a suburb if it were really as racist as the NAACP, Al Sharpton, and Eric Holder portray it to be?

However, we live in a world where a white person questioning the veracity of the NAACP, Al Sharpton, or Eric Holder is considered racist. Oddly enough, such knee-jerk dismissal of questioners is, in itself, a racial stereotype.

Enough about Ferguson. Black officials and a naive press destroyed it, costing 8,000 households a quarter-billion dollars in home equity.

Let me move on to the University of Virginia, where a woman president decided that an article in a music magazine was all the proof she needed to shut down all every fraternity and sorority on campus.
The story was a lie. In this case, justice can be served in courts as the victims canb sue the college for the trampling of their civil rights.

From the Associated Press:
CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (AP) -- A four-month police investigation into an alleged gang rape at the University of Virginia that Rolling Stone magazine described in graphic detail produced no evidence of the attack and was stymied by the accuser's unwillingness to cooperate, authorities said Monday.
The article, titled "A rape on campus," focused on a student identified only as "Jackie" who said she was raped at the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity more than two years earlier.
It described a hidden culture of sexual violence fueled by binge drinking at the college. Police said they found no evidence of that either.
There were numerous discrepancies between the article, published in November 2014, and what investigators found, said Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo, who took care not to accuse Jackie of lying.
The case is suspended, not closed, and the fact that investigators could not find evidence years later "doesn't mean that something terrible didn't happen to Jackie," Longo said.
He appealed for anyone with information about any sexual violence to immediately alert police, and expressed hope that Jackie may one day feel comfortable explaining what really happened.
"There's a difference between a false allegation and something that happened that may have been different than what was described in that article," Longo said.
Asked if Jackie would be charged with making a false report, he said: "Absolutely not."
Jackie's attorney, Palma Pustilnik, said she would have no comment on the investigation.
Is the press sorry for going with these lies?

Of course not. You get B.S. like this from the AP: "Accurate or not, the article heightened scrutiny of campus sexual assaults amid a campaign by President Barack Obama to end them. The University of Virginia had already been on the Department of Education's list of 55 colleges under investigation for their handling of sex assault violations."

Got that?

Fake, but accurate.

In other words, lying by liberals is OK because there is a greater cause.

Jackie should be named, shamed and expelled. She was not raped. She lied. She should be headed for prison.

In fact, shut down the University of Virginia. If its board is too stupid to stop its president from going Napoleonic Code on the sororities and fraternities, screw the school. Let the victims of this outrage win so much money the college has to go out of business with its endowment drained.

No one learned from the railroading of Duke's lacrosse team.

That is because they do not have to. Today's journalists is biased against men and against white people. Facts be damned. They will turn any town into Ferguson and any college into UVa. to advance this racist and sexist cause.


  1. Now it's time for the media to learn a few new words:

    Haven Monahan


  2. "There's a difference between a false allegation and something that happened that may have been different than what was described in that article," Longo said

    That's a question of fact that should be given to a jury to decide, not dismissed out of hand by the police chief. By not prosecuting the woman, the chief undermines the rule of law in Virginia. By his logic, for example, no case based on circumstantial evidence should ever be presented to a jury. I don't think the chief believes what he has said; he is instead letting us all know he is afraid of the reaction from rabid feminists a prosecution of the accuser would cause. The police chief is not worried about blaming the victim (because the victims in this case are the accused frat boys); rather, he is confessing that he's a coward.

  3. We no longer have journalists, we have propagandists and the modern media is no more than the propaganda arm of the Dimocrat Party. They rant and rave about Fox News but Fox is nowhere near as bad as the media that gave us St. Trayvon of Skittles, the Duke Lacrosse case, "Jackie", the fake TANG memos, St. Michael of Swisher Sweets, and many other stories fed by the bias of the LSM. Anti-white and anti-conservative propaganda, pure and simple.