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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Jeb blasts Republicans. Screw Jeb

Ever read something and say at the end, screw you, Jeb Bush?

Well, here's your chance.

From the Hill:
Jeb Bush lobbed attacks at both President Obama and Congressional Republicans in an appearance in Dover, N.H. 
“Pass a budget for crying out loud,” the Republican former governor of Florida said, slamming members of his own party. “Let the process work again. That’s what’s missing.”
For an educated man, he sure is dumb.

The process is working.

This is the process.

The gulf between good and evil in this nation has not been this wide since the Civil War.

On one side we have decent, responsible people who believe in this country, who believe and abide by the Constitution, and who believe in the individual.

On the other side we have lying, sneaky people who hate this country, call the Constitution a slave document, and want to divide us into tribes of victims. That side is evil. Their belief in communism is evil. Their deceptive ways -- be they off-the-books e-mail or pretending to evolve on gay marriage -- also are evil.

We should not compromise with evil be it the Islamic States -- be they in Iraq or Iran and Saudi Arabia -- or the Democratic Party in the 21st century. Not all Democrats are evil, nor are all Muslims. But both groups seem dominated by people who oppose independence and freedom.

Screw them and screw Jeb Bush for being so concerned about money that he just wants a budget passed. He does not care what is in it.

Maybe that is why the Wall Street Journal reported:
The last few months have raised some questions for former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush when it comes to Republican primary voters.
Back in December, GOP voters put Mr. Bush at the top of the pack when asked whom they could support for president in 2016, with 63% saying they could potentially support him, according to the Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll.
But Mr. Bush is back toward the middle of the pack in the most recent WSJ/NBC poll, when GOP voters were asked a slightly different question. The number of GOP primary voters who say they could see themselves supporting Mr. Bush for the Republican nomination was 49%.
Jeb Bush was a conservative governor of Florida. In the interim he has become another, run-of-the-mill middle-roader. The name does not help. Instead of dumping on Republicans, he needs to prove he has their back..

Till he does, screw Jeb Bush.


  1. Yes, I remember when jeb was a republican. I voted for him twice. I wouldn't vote for him now even if he was the only guy running.

  2. No more Clintons and no more Bushes! We have had enough of both!

  3. Congress need only fund those executive functions it has authorized by appropriate legislation and which it continues to support. It is not obligated to fund agencies or departments that engage in activities Congress has not authorized or those that fail to carry out the duties they have been legislatively assigned. If by order of the President the DHS is not guarding the nation's border as obligated by law, Congress is under no obligation to fund its operation. Pass a budget, Bush says. No, stand on Constitutional principle. If the Executive branch refuses to enforce the laws Congress has duly passed, it has the Constitutional authority to zero out their budget.

  4. jeb sinks lower in my estimation.

  5. He was CONSERVATIVE as a Governor?!?
    Oh, REALLY?!?!?!?!?!
    Will someone please explain to me
    the relationship between Jeb Bush and the
    which is little more than a Home Insurance version of Obama/Romney-Care

  6. He is Common Core indoctrination 10*10.

  7. No Bush! - No Clinton!