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Thursday, March 19, 2015

How to save MSNBC

According to the article, MSNBC now is fourth in the cable news ratings. Here is how to improve its content and hence, its ratings:

1. Bring back the Second Movement of Beethoven's Ninth. If it is good enough for Chet Huntley and David Brinkley, it is good enough for any TV journalist.

2. Restore credibility by hiring Dan Rather.

3. Grab that youth market with Larry King.

4. The Ten O'Clock Test Pattern.

5. Al Sharpton's Nightly NASCAR Report.

6. The Frank Sinatra Jr. News Hour. The reason Ronan Farrow flopped is he is a fake Sinatra son. The real deal could kidnap the audience from Fox News.

7. "The Diane Reynolds Show, Starring Chelsea Clinton."

8. Replace the Ed Show with the Mister Ed Show.

9. Counter Oliver North's "War Stories" with ones from Brian Williams.

10. Why not reruns of Huntley-Brinkley?

11. Or better yet animated Huntley-Brinkley using voice actors to cover the day's news, like they did the old Clutch Cargo cartoons!

12. Counter "The Five" on Fox with "The Fifth" with Lois Lerner and a rotating group of other scandalous ex-administration officials including Van Jones and Anita Dunn.

13. Add B.B. King to the Chris Matthews Show. Anytime Matthews discusses the president, B.B. King can break into song: "The Thrill Is Gone."

14. The NRA/NWA Show.

15. Flop Morning Joe with Rachel Maddow. If Starbucks can discuss race relations with your coffee, she can too. She's qualified to be a barista.

Seriously, bring back Beethoven.