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Saturday, March 07, 2015

He knew it was fake but he failed to report it

The AFL-CIO bused in protesters from Boston, Ohio and other out-of state to the Capitol in Charleston today to make it appear as if 7,000 West Virginians were up in arms over the Republican Legislature's attempt to straighten out 80-plus years of union bosses running the Legislature.

Dave Gutman of the Charleston Gazette knew that this was an Astro-Turf rally. He tweeted it.

Gutman failed to report this in the Gazette's online story on the rally. They did quote Rich Trumka -- who never lived in West Virginia -- decrying "out of state corporations."

This is hilarious. Never thought I would live to see the day when the AFL-CIO couldn't get enough West Virginians to protest in Charleston.

Because something is happening
But you don't know what it is
Do you, Mister Gazette?



  1. You should make this the topic of your next column in the DM.

    1. LOL. Sounds like someone is suffering a little butthurt this evening.

  2. Wisconsin is rwt as of this coming Monday. What say you WV? It nice not to have to license to whining teachers and union thugs any more..

  3. Surber spews his self hating , miserable life nonsense from a safe distance. Surber knew better than to show up at the rally. Fear and common sense.

    1. LOL -- An anonymous person calls me a coward. I drink your tears. Please, more, I'm thirsty

  4. Let's review. You have butthurt me , tattooed my ass and you drink my tears. In some strange warped fantasy world that is.

    Is that you Walter Mitty??

  5. Will Gutman be fired for Tweeting truth?

    Jack the Crab has anger issues, I see.

  6. I , like the person that fired Surber , stand up for decency and honesty. I realize these concepts are foreign for ya Sammie boy.
    Surber is kaput , he has a few followers , all of course brain damaged Fox Zombie haters. I hear National Enquirer is hiring but they might be too legit for Donnie boy.