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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Great Lakes ice cover highest in 35 years. Global warmers hardest hit

From the National Wildlife Foundation's climate scientist Amanda Staudt on March 13, 2012: "After the fourth warmest winter on record, the extent of ice covering the Great Lakes is at a near record low. The extremely low levels are consistent with a study showing significant declines in ice levels from 1973-2010. This trend is yet another indicator of global warming causing odd-ball winter weather in our backyards."

From Mother Nature three years later: 88.8% of the Great Lakes are covered with ice -- the largest cover since 1979, which was 35 years ago.

Is that "yet another indicator of global warming"?

Because atmospheric carbon dioxide hit yet another record last May. Increasingly, global warming causes cooling as well.

Weather is cyclical. Everything is cyclical. Ecclesiastes 3 explained it all thousands of years ago. And if that makes me a Neanderthal for believing in God, not man, too damned bad. I apologize not for my beliefs.

From Amanda Staudt three years ago: "The last few months serve as a window into what winter will usually look like in a warmer world. Let’s also use this winter as a wake-up call to start taking actions to preserve the outdoor winter traditions that we each treasure."

From reality today: "According to NOAA data, the Great Lakes ice coverage is up over 3%. This time last year, there was 85.4% coverage. The record for ice coverage occurred in 1979 with 95% of the lakes frozen, according to the National Climatic Data Center. Last year's winter maxed out at 91%, the second highest coverage."

The record, of course, is 100% cover back in the Ice Age before there even were a Great Lakes.


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