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Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Facts not mentioned about guns

Which state has the lowest gun murder rate in America?


Which state has never required a permit to carry a concealed weapon?


In writing in the Washington Post about states trying to emulate Vermont by allowing concealed weapons without permits, Jeff Guo of Storyline did not mention the lowest-in-the-nation gun murder rate of Vermont.

Wonder why?

The only person Jeff Guo quoted in the story was Brian Malte, the national policy director for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Jeff Guo's only other quote was an anti-gun editorial in the Idaho Statesman.

From the Washington Post story:
On Friday, permitless concealed-carry bill SB347 passed the West Virginia Senate and is in the hands of the House judiciary committee. Both West Virginia’s House and Senate flipped into GOP control after the 2014 elections.
Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin (D) seems supportive of gun rights. Last year, he signed a bill limiting the ability of municipalities to control how people buy guns or where they may carry them. Regardless of how he acts, the legislature would be able to override a veto.
Not mentioned is the $90 a permit holder must give the local sheriff for a permit. The tens of thousands of dollars in permit fees amount to a slush fund for the state's 55 sheriffs with few restrictions on disbursement of the money. Don't be surprised if the Democratic governor vetoes the bill in an effort to keep the sheriffs happ,y as the Democratic Party's base continues to crumble in West Virginia.

The best thing about not requiring permits is there is no ad hoc gun registry.



  1. I agree that law abiding citizens carrying guns does not increase violence, as the stats bear out.

    Vermont is almost entirely white. That is why the crime rate is so low. If Vermont was an island with no firearms, it would be as safe.

    1. You were right the first time..(Unless I'm missing some arcane joke!)

  2. Why no pro-gun commenter? Woulda harshed the mellow of his "narrative".

  3. "Shall not be infringed"...

    Vermont is the only state that is capable of understanding that complex statement.

    Or could it be tyrant wannabes who very much like unarmed subjects and make a fortune off the crime business?