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Saturday, March 14, 2015

England suffers wettest drought in history

The Guardian, February 21, 2012: "Drought may be new norm for UK, says environment secretary."

It's climate change.

The Meteorological Office February 27, 2014: "Wettest winter for England and Wales since 1766."

It's climate change.

After a while you read this gibberish and you realize they think some idiot is buying it. Do the people who repeat this noise believe it? I doubt it. I think everyone at the Guardian thinks they are so smart they can fool their countrymen into surrendering their sovereignty and private businesses in order to battle this imaginary problem.

From the Guardian in 2012:
With large parts of the south and south-east of England officially in drought, and areas of the Midlands at risk, Caroline Spelman warned that households across the south-east were likely to face water usage restrictions this spring, starting with hosepipe bans. Reservoirs have reached record lows in some places and rainfall would need to be more than a fifth higher than normal in the next three months to relieve the drought, but forecasters have said this is unlikely.
"Two very dry winters – this may be the new norm," the secretary of state for environment, food and rural affairs told the National Union of Farmers annual conference on Tuesday. "We asked the question at the drought summit [on Monday] – what if this is what climate change means and this is the new normal?"
Two dry winters means they will all be dry? That is crazy talk. And so is this from 2014:
Even among Brits long used to wet and dreary winters, the rain this winter is off the charts. The UK just suffered through its wettest January on record. The rain has continued into February, and forecasters say there's no end in sight.
The deluge has brought severe flooding to parts of southern England and widespread finger-pointing about bungled flood management.
And now it's brought something else: a warning from the country's top climate scientist that climate change is likely to deliver more such nasty weather.
That’s a shift in view from just a month ago.
When Prime Minister David Cameron speculated in early January that climate change was probably playing a role in what already seemed an unusual string of winter storms, his government's own climate science agency, the Met Office, wasn't ready to back him up.
At the time, the Met Office said tying the rains and floods to climate change was "a research project which hasn't been done."
Now, a month later, some of that research is starting to come in and the Met Office suggests Cameron was right.
It is amazing how the Prime Minister of England can get a government agency to agree with him

It is not science. It is politics. They politicized the weather. Let us remind them of this wet drought every time they blather about some weather event being a sign of their superstition about carbon dioxide.


  1. Remeber when they were bemoaning the fact that children in England would never see snow again? And they had a blizzard. Good times. Good times. (Bad predictions, but good times none the less.

  2. Many of us complain about the weather, but only the believers call it Climate Change.