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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Black lives matter -- even if the NAACP does not care

Last summer, the NAACP made a hero out of a thug named Michael Brown, who was shot and killed after he attacked an officer, and threatened to harm civilians in Ferguson, Missouri. False claims by NAACP leaders led to three days of riots, arson and looting. Ferguson is now a disaster area that will soon become a mini-St. Louis.

So far the NAACP has said nothing about the actual murder of an innocent black man, Josie Wells, 27, outside a motel near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in a black neighborhood one resident described as "a rat hole."

Perhaps that is because Black Lives Matter only if the black life in question is a young hoodlum.

You see, the murder victim is Josie Wells, who was a deputy U.S. Marshall.

A black career criminal --wanted for two murders -- gunned down Officer Wells. The gunman is Jamie D. Croom, 31, of New Roads, Louisiana. The NAACP could not care less about Josie Wells.

Readers should.

From the Advocate in Baton Rouge:
Wells joined the U.S. Marshals Service in 2011 after graduating from Jackson State University with a degree in criminal justice. While at the school, he participated in the marshals’ Centralized Student Career Experience Program, which at the time was known as the “co-op” program, said Shirley M. Collins, a secretary at JSU’s Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology.
“He was very well known around the department,” Collins said. “He was a good student. Every time he saw me, he was always happy, smiling.”
Collins said Wells often returned to the school to visit his former professors. He would stop by her desk just to chat and catch up with her.
“He was a really good person that you would just love to be around,” Collins said. “Always positive. He was so excited to get his job with the marshals.”
Collins said Wells “died doing what he loved,” and “he will be greatly missed.”
Wells went to high school in southern Mississippi and comes from a law enforcement family, according to the Sun Herald in Biloxi and Gulfport. His father, Obie Wells Sr., had retired from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, while his brother Obie Wells Jr., works for the Jackson Police Department.
His wife, Channing Wells, is pregnant with their only child, a boy who will be named Josie Wells Jr.

From AOL:
Channing Wells said the couple had been married nearly three years but had been together since both were 19 and going into their sophomore years at Jackson State University.
He took a job at the fast-food restaurant where she worked: "He stayed for one paycheck, just to get my phone number," she said.
After she finished four more years of school in Chicago to become an optometrist, Josie Wells missed a test of his own to drive her to another state for her board examination, she said.
Later, she said, she encouraged her husband to look beyond his original ambition to service as a federal marshal.
"His dream was just to become a local police officer," she said. "I told him, 'Don't settle for that. Why don't you find the highest level of law enforcement you can do?'"
His father, 57, a retired deputy sheriff, is a bit of a character, as AOL reported, "Obie Wells Sr., a self-described cowboy who keeps horses and used to keep cattle on his 100-acre spread in Wade, north of Pascagoula, said his longtime nickname is Josie after the Clint Eastwood title character in 'The Outlaw Josey Wales.' He gave the name to his second son when his wife, Sherry, refused to let him follow George Foreman's example and name all of his sons Obie, he said."

The NAACP keeps pushing for more black officers in police departments. Fine. But where is the support of those black officers from the NAACP?

Where is Eric Holder? A suspect in a double homicide just shot and killed one of his U.S. marshals.

Indeed, where is the president?

Remember this the next time they say Black Lives Matter. Because they don't. If they did, Obama and Holder would be in Louisiana volunteering as pallbearers.

Deputy U.S. Marshal Josie Wells gave his life for this country. We should work to make this country worthy of his sacrifice.

UPDATE: Eric Holder issued a statement a half-hour after I posted this. It was about the riot in Ferguson, Missouri last night. He mentioned this -- 19 words -- but did not include the name of Josie Wells, nor did he mention the names of the officers in Ferguson.

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