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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Biden mocks 3,000 deaths

Joe Biden embodies everything that is wrong with the Democratic Party's foreign policy. On St. Patrick's Day, he made a jackass of himself that embarrassed the United States and the entire United Kingdom.

From the London Daily Mail:
Joe Biden made yet another of his trademark gaffes today as he met Ireland's prime minister to mark St Patrick's Day -- then suggested one side of its sectarian divide was unwelcome in Washington.
Sporting a green tie and noticing that everyone else was also wearing one, or clad in green, he suddenly blurted: 'Anyone wearing orange is not welcome in here.'
The purported joke was a reference to Ireland's religious and political divide which was at the heart of the Troubles, the violence which killed 3,000 from the late 1960s until the start of the millennium. 
Orange is the color associated with the Protestant majority in Northern Ireland, and overcoming sectarian tensions has been a major part of the effort to bring peace to the once-deeply troubled province.
Enda Kenny, the Irish prime minister – whose official title is Taoiseach – and his wife Fionnuala Kenny, the guests of honour, both laughed nervously. They said nothing, but continued to smile for the cameras.
This nonsense came from the man who was in charge of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee immediately before his gig as vice president.

It shows how myopic and narcissistic he and his party are. The party is callous toward all our allies.

I doubt seriously he would be so careless about Sunni-Shia relations.

More from the Daily Mail:
In Northern Ireland, there was an immediate demand from a senior Unionist for an apology.
'Whether they were intended as a joke or not, the comments are a slur on those who would be known as 'orange' i.e. Protestants,' said the Rev William McCrea, a member of the British parliament for the Democratic Unionist Party.
'When Northern Ireland is making such an effort to make St Patrick's Day an inclusive celebration, Joe Biden's comments were disgraceful and careless,' he added.
Asked about the request for an apology, an official in Biden's office said the vice president had made clear that he was joking. 
No clue. No class.

Maybe we should get him a Mohammad coloring book to keep him amused.


  1. Just imagine how the LSM would react if a Republican were to have made this gaffe.

  2. Old Joe has a malfunctioning mouth, and a lousy memory to go with it.

  3. "I doubt seriously he would be so careless about Sunni-Shia relations."

    Actually he might. But he wouldn't have a second chance to be so careless, not with his head separated from his body. Remember, he's not called Slow Joe for nothing. He's a veeeerrrryyyy ssssllllloooowwww learner.