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Friday, February 27, 2015

Scoreboard for 2-27-2015

1. Jeb Bush booed at CPAC. He said he has no plan to deport 11 million illegal aliens. Really? He deserved booing. GOOD.

2. Republicans may defund the FCC. Defund now, eliminate later. GOOD.

3. Coldest month in New York City in 80 years. It is global cooling, folks, just like Leona Libby said in 1979. But hey, what do physicists who worked with Enrico Fermi know? GOOD.

4. Beef prices hit a new record. Welcome back, Carter. EVIL.

5. Couple married 82 years celebrates his 108th birthday. She still remembers when he came home drunk in 1938, when he flirted with that waitress in 1951, and when he kept the seat up in 1984. GOOD.

6. Travis Kvapil's NASCAR car stolen from hotel before race. In other news, Missus Scorekeeper got a new car last night... EVIL.

7. "One billion young at risk of hearing loss from loud music: WHO." So listen to LED ZEPPELIN instead. EVIL.

From the blog:

8. "Dueling global warming." It causes tornadoes -- except when it doesn't. EVIL.

9. "Even Madonna understands." First time conservative bloggers agree with the Material Girl. GOOD.

10. Scott Walker: "If we can do it in Wisconsin, we can do it across America."
If he can make it there
He'll make it anywhere
It's up to you, New Wis-Con-Sin!

Today's American Vignette: "Townsend Harris. He made 13 Nobel prize winners possible."

Final score: GOOD 6, EVIL 4.


  1. #2 - Of course they will! Just like they promised to defund amnesty. And block radical nominees like Loretta Lynch.

    October 2014: Harry Reid in charge of the Senate.
    February 2015: Harry Reid still in charge of the Senate.

  2. 1. Watch for Bush and his minions to spin that into a positive virtue. That he went into the den of lions and told the knuckle dragging troglodytes what-for.

  3. WHO (I first thought I'd have to defend my favorite rock band) must have cured all the known diseases in the world to now spend effort on attacking the plague of loud music.

  4. Not just the FCC; IRS,EPA, HUD, Education; Fannie and Freddy,--the list just goes on and on.

  5. They only booed Bush? Didn't they have any fruit to throw? Or shoes?