Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Daily Scoreboard: April 9, 2014

1. From Al Sharpton: The FBI didn't indict me so I was not an informant.

Another powerful Democrat with gangster connections. Nothing to see here.


2. From Agence France Presse: " Europe's top court on Tuesday struck down an EU law forcing telecoms operators to store private phone and email data for up to two years, judging it too invasive, despite its usefulness in combating terrorism."


Eurocrats want to limit government?


3. In case you were wonering if he loves Our Country...
...he doesn't.


4. From the Associated Press: "Rutgers University's athletic director told a class earlier this year that it would be "great" if New Jersey's largest newspaper went out of business."

Newspaper employee has a problem with that. Says it is his job to determine when she should be fired.

Free speech, anyone?


5. From CNN: Hey, last week police arrested a Democratic gun control nut who wants to limit campaign donations for gun trafficking to pay his campaign debts.

In other news, CNN also reported Kentucky will play Michigan and Connecticut will play Florida with the winners playing for the NCAA championship.


6. From Dartmouth "radicals":
The Plan for Dartmouth’s Freedom Budget:
We, the Concerned Asian, Black, Latin@, Native, Undocumented, Queer, and Differently-Abled students at Dartmouth College, seek to eradicate systems of oppression as they affect marginalized communities on this campus. These systems -- which include racism, classism, sexism, heterosexism, and ableism -- are deployed at Dartmouth and beyond as forms of institutional violence.
We demand that Dartmouth challenge these systems by redistributing power and resources in a way that is radically equitable. We believe that dialogue and resistance are both legitimate and necessary ways of disturbing the status quo and forcing parties to deal with the roots of the issues. For our resistance, we have chosen to invoke The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement because Dartmouth claims to celebrate both the man and the movement with month-long programming. Prior to his death, Dr. King had been working with the larger movement to produce a “Freedom Budget.” This Freedom Budget focused on redistributing power and restoring justice for communities who suffered economic oppression at the hands of rich, white power structures.
This budget was not a proposal for better interpersonal interactions, but a proposal to transform oppressive structures. Dartmouth epitomizes power being isolated to rich, white males. As such, there is no better place than this campus to campaign for a Freedom Budget that will address the consequences of white male patriarchy today. As members of neglected and marginalized communities at Dartmouth, we are receiving a separate and unequal education exacerbated by the administration’s refusal to structurally address issues central to our Dartmouth experience.
This gross neglect affects our academic success, mental wellbeing, and physical health. Thus, we concerned Asian, Black, Latin@, Native, Undocumented, Queer, and Differently-Abled students hereby demand that Dartmouth College create its own Freedom Budget to transform itself into a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for us all.
So go to some other college. One that was not founded or funded by white males.


7. From Robert Stacy McCain: "Am I the only person who reads the Huffington Post’s Women category? Because I’ve got a feeling that if any feminists paid attention to it, they’d be outraged at this pink-collar ghetto of insipid journalistic dreck."

Answer no, because the group in question is too angered by their hatred of men to see the irony.

From McCain's piece: "UPDATE: Wow! How did I miss this Huffington Post pictorial of women’s armpit hair?"

Men-hating lesbians with a hair fetish must be a growing market for them.


8. From Glenn Reynolds: "HEALTH BENEFITS OF OWNING A DOG: You meet people. If you want to meet women, buy a French Bulldog. If you want to meet men, buy a Great Dane."

The French have a bulldog?

This must be why the Scorekeeper never meets women anymore.


9. From Charles Moore:
The origins of warmism lie in a cocktail of ideas which includes anti-industrial nature worship, post-colonial guilt, a post-Enlightenment belief in scientists as a new priesthood of the truth, a hatred of population growth, a revulsion against the widespread increase in wealth and a belief in world government. It involves a fondness for predicting that energy supplies won’t last much longer (as early as 1909, the US National Conservation Commission reported to Congress that America’s natural gas would be gone in 25 years and its oil by the middle of the century), protest movements which involve dressing up and disappearing into woods (the Kindred of the Kibbo Kift, the Mosleyite Blackshirts who believed in reafforestation) and a dislike of the human race (The Club of Rome’s work Mankind at the Turning-Point said: “The world has cancer and the cancer is man.”).
These beliefs began to take organised, international, political form in the 1970s. One of the greatest problems, however, was that the ecologists’ attacks on economic growth were unwelcome to the nations they most idolised – the poor ones. The eternal Green paradox is that the concept of the simple, natural life appeals only to countries with tons of money. By a brilliant stroke, the founding fathers developed the concept of “sustainable development”. This meant that poor countries would not have to restrain their own growth, but could force restraint upon the rich ones. This formula was propagated at the first global environmental conference in Stockholm in 1972.
He left out the part where we stopped requiring hard science in high school and college, which paved the way for credentialed people to be conned by "science" they don't really understand.

Telling it like it is.


10. Someone either has a sense of humor or not.
Either way, it's good.


11. From Fox News: "Brandeis University withdraws planned honorary degree for Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali."

Sponsored by J4A -- Jews For Antisemitism.


12. From Biz Pac Review: "A long-simmering dispute between a Nevada cattle rancher and the federal Bureau of Land Management has reached a boiling point, and participants have their fingers crossed it won’t erupt into violence."

If only some of these 200 paramilitary coppers had been in Benghazi.

Oh wait. The federal government increasingly considers the American people the enemy.


13. From CBS: "Nevada’s governor is criticizing a federal cattle roundup and what he calls “intimidation” in a dispute with a rancher who claims longstanding grazing rights on open range outside Las Vegas."

Look for a scandal to hit Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval real soon.

Challenging The Man.

An aside: How come all the Hispanic governors seem to be Republican?


14. From the Washington Times: "Even as the IRS faces growing heat over Lois G. Lerner and the tea party targeting scandal, a government watchdog said Wednesday it’s pursuing cases against three other tax agency employees and offices suspected of illegal political activity in support of President Obama and fellow Democrats.  In one case the Office of Special Counsel, which investigates federal employees who conduct politics on government time, said it was “commonplace” in a Dallas IRS office for employees to have pro-Obama screensavers on their computers, and to have campaign-style buttons and stickers at their office."

Slap a death penalty and relinquishment of all pensions on the Hatch Act.


15. More Twitter feminism.
Not to mention a pair of 38s.


Final score: GOOD 9, EVIL 6.


  1. 1--I'm guessing he wasn't indicted because he WAS an informer,

    3--We already knew.

    4--You want bad press, this is a really good way to get it.


    6--I have a dog. Not a chick magnet, not a hen magnet. Wife's OK w/ chicks, NO WAY on hens.

    10--One never knows; just can't tell.

    11--Idjits; full-on leftie progressive multi-culti idjits!

  2. #4 Having lived in NJ for 56 years (I left/escaped 8 years ago)—and being a Rutgers alum, I can report that the Star Ledger has never had any love for Rutgers’ athletics. Good to see that sentiment being returned. (Well, almost "never". When the BBall team went 31-0 and reached the Final Four back in the day they were okay with that. But I swear they were happy to see RU lose in the semis.)

  3. #6 One day I'm going to start a collection of leftist rants that are indistinguishable from parody. There should be a special category for Students Claiming Economic Repression While Attending Ludicrously Expensive Private Colleges. Heck, add "Studies" on the end of that category and they can have a new department at Dartmouth.

    #12 So they're chasing cattle off of grazing land to protect the *desert* tortoise? Are the cattle eating sand, or is the tortoise just lost?

    1. Bundy: "... his cattle prevent the vegetation from growing overly dense and creating a fire hazard."
      Diversity guy: "... Bundy’s herd also hinders the plants’ ability to recover from wildfires, ..."
      I think Bundy may have better knowledge.


  4. #13 The feds chose a fish over irrigating Cali farms and now choose a turtle over cattle. EPA-dictated ethanol is using up our corn. Drug cartels are stealing produce in Mexico. Is our food supply in danger?