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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Daily Scoreboard: April 8, 2014

1. From the Associated Press: "U.S. and Canadian Coast Guard crews kept up their battle Monday to clear pathways for vessels hauling vital raw materials on the ice-clogged Great Lakes, where a shipping logjam forced a weeklong shutdown of the nation's largest steel factory."

It's not so much that they lied about global warming, but that they got our hopes up.


2. From NBC: "Someone's been vandalizing compact Smart cars in San Francisco, flipping the tiny vehicles on their front and rear ends in the city's streets."

Meanwhile, in Moscow, someone's been vandalizing Hillary Clinton's Smart diplomacy.

Meanwhile, John Ellis Bush said this is a sign of love.


3. From CBS: "An alarming number of instances of inappropriate sexual behavior among middle school students appear to be going unnoticed by teachers and other adults, a new study concludes. The study, written by three University of Illinois researchers, found that 21 percent of the students in the survey experienced some form of physical sexual harassment."

Oh no, midle schoolers are behaving as if they were in junior high.


4. From Bobsbox: "On a sunny, but windy early April day, when most of Connecticut was thinking about the UCONN Huskies basketball team’s Final Four Appearances (all of the big three stations led off with a preview of both teams), thousands of pro-second amendment supporters were taking on their own kind of madness. Namely the Second Amendment destroying madness put out by the Malloy Administration, both political parties and the false flag that was Sandy Hook which brought many citizens to this point."

The Founding Fathers smile upon the people of the Nutmeg State.

Their legislature? Might want to avoi George Washington in the afterlife.


5. From Big League Stew: 25th anniversary of "Major League."
Charlie Donovan: Most of these guys never had a prime.
Corbin Bernsen really punched Charlie Sheen?  A hoot.

Best baseball movie ever.

And it ends with the Yankees losing, so there.


6. From the Mirror: "A North Korean security minister has been executed by flame-thrower on orders of the country’s leader Kim Jong-un."

Saves money on bullets.

Oh an the likelihood of this being BS is extremely high.


7. From Mother Jones: "OkCupid's CEO Donated to an Anti-Gay Campaign Once, Too."

The purge is on.

When Republicans take power, lift all the tax exemptions from all the lefty groups and audit Mother Jones.


8. From Huffington Post: "Google Guy Comes Home To Find Fliers Labeling Him A 'Parasite' Plastered Everywhere."

The left rose to power via the Internet an now wants to neutralize it.

You sleep with whores, Google, you get VD.


9. From Breitbart: "Roughly 1,800 New Jersey children had their insurance plans cancelled last week due to Obamacare."

They should call themselves illegal aliens then and get coverage without having to pay for it.


10. The Scorekeeper tweets.

11. From the Daily Caller: "US sees sharpest health insurance premium increases in years."

Obamacare: The worst idea poorly executed.


Final score: GOOD 6, EVIL 5.


  1. 3. Teach 'em sex ed since first grade, then wonder why they're following through once they're in seventh grade? Duh.

    4. 404 on the URL. Here it is for real:


    OT, CT has a really nice looking state capital building.

    7. Chris Cannon was one of the most open borders House Republicans when he was in Congress. I suspect the CEO of OkStupid had that as his interest in Cannon, not gay "marriage."

  2. 2--Smart Car Tipping--I am amused. Hillary, no surprise. JEB--I think not!

    3--Just acting like the teachers, according to The Other McCain.

    4--Got to tell the legislators and governor 'the PEOPLE are watching'.

    6--Likely for internal consumption.

    7--Fire the CEO who got the Firefox CEO fired! Goose & Gander Sauce!

    11--"Unexpectedly!" TM Prof. Reynolds.

  3. #1 - Good news - global warming causes decreased fertility in liberals...

  4. #2 and #4 Think there's a link between the Smart Car tipovers in San Fran and the anti-tech zealots? I wonder