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Friday, April 04, 2014

Daily Scoreboard: April 4, 2014

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1. From USA Today:  "Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich will step down following uproar over his apparent opposition to gay marriage. In a statement released Thursday, Mozilla — which makes the Firefox Web browser — apologized for not reacting more quickly to the controversy surrounding Eich, who made a 2008 donation supporting California's ban on gay marriage, The Guardian reports."

At the time, President Obama opposed gay marriage. His African-American supporters are why gay marriage is against the state constitution in California -- although overruled by a federal court judge, who really has no such power.

It's fascism.

This is why lefties want donor disclosures -- to harass conservatives.

Conform or die!

Or go to the Opera.


2. Tweet of the day:

Surberbans are not alone in this fight.


3. From the Orlando Sentinel: "Names of six jurors who acquitted George Zimmerman made public."

The better to hound you, my dear.

This is why liberals want "open records" -- so they can harass people they don't like. Nazis.

But what about Godwin's Law?

True is true and this is the devil's work.


4. From Peggy Noonan: "Republicans of all people should not go for the happy face. They cannot run only on ObamaCare this year and later, because it's not the only problem in America. But it's a problem, a big one, and needs to be hard and shrewdly fought."

And she's a moderate!

Don't cave.


5. From CBS: " Las Vegas middle schools are dealing with a problem known as slap-ass Friday. KLAS-TV reports that every Friday students will slap their classmates on their backside. Denise Delucia, the legal guardian of a seventh grader at Escobedo Middle School, wants action to be taken against students who do this."

This story unveils the biggest threat to humanity -- helicopter guardians.


6. From Entertainment Weekly: "David Letterman: Who should replace him?"

Willow Palin.


7. From the godfather of that Gaia garbage, Sir James Lovelock: "I don’t think anybody really knows what’s happening. They just guess."

The magician unveils the trick.

Imprison the imposters who pose as "climate scientists."


8. From the Washington Post: "Democrats target unmarried female voters."



9. From Reuters: "An ignition switch defect linked to deadly crashes and mounting recalls is raising anxiety in General Motors Co. showrooms, according to dealers who are fielding more calls from customers concerned about the safety of GM cars."

It's Government Motors now. You can keep your safety. Period.


10. From CNBC: Unemployment rate at 6.7%.

Number of people employed in March: 145,090,000.
Number of people employed in November 2007:  146,647,000.

Number of people not in the job market in March: 91,630,000.
Number of people not in the job market in November 200779,111,000. 

America is not working -- and doesn't care.

A nation of mooches.


11. One hundred years ago today, Governor Clark taught the band to play...

The centennial edition of the Charleston Daily Mail.

Without, or with, offence to friends or foes, I sketch your world exactly as it goes.

Final score: GOOD 7, EVIL 4.


  1. 1. Obama was against gay "marriage" as late as May 8, 2012.

    Why is that date significant?

    North Carolina had a vote on a definition of marriage amendment on that day. The conventional media wisdom was that it would fail, because Obama won NC in 2008 (perhaps fraudulently, as we now know), and all the libs infesting Raleigh-Durham. Well, it won, and won handily. Within 48 hours, Obama, using Biden as a go-between, flipped his position. Why? LGBTQMIAPDLOLPLPLTH orgs and bundlers took Obama aside and read him the riot act.

    If we boycotted everyone that was against us, we'd be homeless, hungry and naked.

    5. I dunno, when I was in middle school, I might have liked the idea of attractive girls slapping me in the butt. Now that I'm getting close to 40, I still like the idea of attractive women slapping me in the butt.

    8. Proving that there's no "gender gap." What appears to be a gender gap is really a marriage gap and a race gap. White married women = Republican, white single women and non-white women of any marital status = Democrat.

  2. #1 - I have to wonder how many gays secretly like the idea of a ban on gay marriage. It's an airtight out if one wants to get married and the other one doesn't. I mean, there must be a million straight guys who would just love to be able to say to their girlfriends, "Gee honey, I'd really like to marry you, but the mean ol' state won't let me, darn it."

    #8 - Nah, Bill never limited himself to single women.

  3. switched to Opera. Thanks.

  4. Still happy to be a Surberban.

    Greetings from a sunny Seattle!
    sign me,
    Susan in Seattle

  5. 1--Call them McCarthyites. They'll really HATE that.

    2--Respond "F*** you and the democrat jackass you rode in on.

    6--Gets my vote! (Won't watch Dave, no way, no how, no time.)

    8--There's that nasty word 'target' again! Those EVILLLLLLLLL b*************s.

  6. #1 Without any apparent irony, the Mozilla apology says the company supports "free speech."

  7. 8. Speaking of unmarried females, this is Deano back in the day when comedians were funny but not PC-

    Dean Martin:
    I finally found the perfect girl,
    I couldn't ask for more,
    She's deaf and dumb and oversexed,
    And owns a liquor store.

  8. 6. Six years too late! He should have been shown the pavement immediately after his rape crap. By that I mean, been given a wake up tap to the chin that put him in spectacular close proximity to the curb, then left in the gutter from whence all his material cometh.

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