Thursday, April 03, 2014

Daily Scoreboard: April 3, 2014

1. From Newt Gingrich:

In McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, the Court struck down a limit on the total amount individuals could contribute to all candidates or political committees in a two-year period.
In effect, this means Americans can now legally donate to as many candidates as they like.
The law the Court struck down capped total direct contributions to candidates at $48,600, meaning you could give the maximum donation of $2,600 to just 18 candidates in two years before running up against the limit.
Supporters of such convoluted campaign finance laws act as if the restrictions defend the big against the small in politics. But who benefits more from rules that cap political giving — the incumbents, who have no trouble using their positions to raise money from far and wide, or their lesser known, lesser-funded challengers?
The Supreme Court in recent years has begun striking down these restrictions, which amount to incumbent protection laws, as violations of the First Amendment. After all, if the First Amendment protects any speech, it certainly ought to protect political speech — the kind most in need of protection from the politicians.
Perhaps the best analysis of the 40-year-old campaign finance reform liberals thrust upon us in 1974.

It's going, going, gone!


2. The Scorekeeper tweets.
The Scorekeeper has no problem with corporate rights so he can continue writing editorials.


3. From Charles Koch:
Instead of fostering a system that enables people to help themselves, America is now saddled with a system that destroys value, raises costs, hinders innovation and relegates millions of citizens to a life of poverty, dependency and hopelessness. This is what happens when elected officials believe that people's lives are better run by politicians and regulators than by the people themselves. Those in power fail to see that more government means less liberty, and liberty is the essence of what it means to be American. Love of liberty is the American ideal.
If more businesses (and elected officials) were to embrace a vision of creating real value for people in a principled way, our nation would be far better off — not just today, but for generations to come. I'm dedicated to fighting for that vision. I'm convinced most Americans believe it's worth fighting for, too.
But people dependent on the government for sustenance are easier to control. If you are not paying for your kid's lunch, he no longer is your child.

Standing upo for freedom.


4. From the Daily Mirror: "Blundering bomber 'blew himself up after forgetting to put his watch forward and device went off too soon.' Police believe a device may have exploded in Dublin on Sunday because a gangster forget about the Daylight Saving Time change."

As a public service, thee Scorekeeper reminds terrorists that it is fall beehind in spring, spring ahead in fall.

Fan: But Scorekeeper that's backward.

Scorekeeper: Shh. We want the terrorists to get it wrong.


5. From Business Insider: "President Barack Obama compared the Republican budget plan unveiled by Rep. Paul Ryan this week to a stinkburger and a meanwich during a speech Wednesday afternoon in Michigan."

Ah, a Harvard education.

He's just jealous because he is ineligible to eat a manwich. Stick to the lady fingers.


6. A madman at Fort Hood kills three people. Upside, gunman died, too.

Downside, our president moonlighted and collected $550,000 from wealthy donors who buy ambassadorships and favors.

But what does Barack Obama care? He already said if he had a son he would be in a hoodie, and not a military uniform.


7. From the Daily Caller: "Pelosi won’t run on Obamacare."

Ah, but her opponent will.


8. From the New York Post: "An alcoholic Manhattan court stenographer went rogue, channeling his inner “Shining” during a high-profile criminal trial and repeatedly typing, 'I hate my job, I hate my job' instead of the trial dialogue, sources told The Post.  The bizarre antics by Daniel Kochanski, who has since been fired, wreaked havoc on some 30 Manhattan court cases, sources said, and now officials are scrambling to repair the damage."

A Shining example of stress.

Here's Johny!


9. From Bill Clinton: "If we were visited some day, I wouldn’t be surprised."

And he'd hit on the female ones.


10. From Tech Crunch: "What are Tesla owners actually doing with their in-car web browsers? [SNIP] Drudge Report alone represented 10 percent of all Tesla pageviews."

Throw the Scorekeeper a link, Matt Drudge!


11. From Hollywood Reporter: " 'An Inconvenient Truth' Producers Talking Sequel."

This time it's back to global cooling.

Was there a sequel to "Triumph of the Will"?


12. From Weasel Zippers: "Massive Voter Fraud Discovered In North Carolina, More Than 35K With Same First And Last Name, DOB Voted In 2012 Election…"

What? 35,000 people with the same last name? Sounds like West Virginia state government.

Obama carried North Carolina by 44,515 votes.


13. From Congressman David McKinley: "Yesterday EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy appeared in front of the Energy and Commerce committee to discuss President Obama’s budget for the EPA in 2015. During his questioning, Rep. McKinley asked McCarthy why the Obama Administration wants to cut $581 million for clean water and sewer projects while adding money for enforcement of excessive regulations and climate change initiatives."

Meanwhile EPA failed to protect Charleston's water in January.


14. From Fox News: "Oregon State University pays $101,000 to settle suit over trashed conservative paper."

Academic freedom.


Final score: GOOD 8, EVIL 6.


  1. 5. Obama is about to graduate from the third grade? Or is he talking to people with a third grade mentality?

    7. Even in San Francisco, ObamaDontCare is a political liability for Nancy Pelosi?

    11. Shearing gullible environmentalist sheep for yet more money, 2.0

    12. Romney carried NC in 2012

    14. Remember who coaches men's basketball at Oregon State.

  2. "Meanwich, stinkburger"

    Obama knows you can't speak above a second-grade level if you want to connect with the democrat voter-base. If he was really wound up he would have called Republicans poopy-butts, and accused them of having cooties.

    Amateur-hour in the White House continues.

  3. 1--Dems don't like being talked against.

    2--Right on, write on!

    5--Ah, them Hahavhd-edicated folks speak good.

    14--Theoretically, there are more lefties at OU than OSU, but still too many at State.

  4. #12 - reading this kind of stuff just makes me ask myself - self, what issues in the past 20 years have democrats and the left been correct about and have not had to make facts up and lie about to get their way? Not one could I come up with.....everything is a lie.....why do people still vote for them????

  5. #13 - And those "climate change initiatives" are worse than useless.

  6. #13 The point isn't clean anything, but bankrupting (crucifying) businesses and causing energy prices to "skyrocket".

    How better to humble the USA?

    Jobs? Tell it to the folks who'd have jobs building XL Pipeline or mining coal.