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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Daily Scoreboard: April 1, 2014

1. Via Robert Stacy McCain: "A review of internal ICE metrics for 2013 reveals that hundreds of thousands of deportable aliens who were identified in the interior of the country were released instead of removed under the administration’s sweeping prosecutorial discretion” guidelines. In 2013, ICE reported 722,000 encounters with potentially deportable aliens, most of whom came to their attention after incarceration for a local arrest. Yet ICE officials followed through with immigration charges for only 195,000 of these aliens, only about one-fourth."

Normal people see them as criminals. Democrats see them as another voting bloc to pander to.


2. From Pirate's Cove, the latest global warming bull: "To Fight Climate Change, the Entire World Will Have to Eat Less Meat  Serious about battling climate change? Then you might want to consider going vegetarian. That’s because it’s looking like world temperatures will continue to climb unless people stop chowing on so much meat and dairy, according to new research from Sweden."

So the more meat we eat, the warmer the world -- and the warmer the world, the more species of food there will be to eat. Win, win. Thanks for the advice.


3. From Pamela Geller: "Pictures depicted Minneapolis Police Chief JaneĆ© Harteau and several female City Council members, all smiling and wearing hijabs. Why? Is there wear a kippah day? A Sikh turban day? A Christ on the cross day? A Wiccan witch day? What’s next? Slaughter a live animal and let it bleed out for lunch day? Inshallah!"

So Minneapolis is celebrating a religion that encourages the raping of children and the stoning of homosexuals. The latter is ironic as the police chief is a lesbian.


4. From the Associated Press: "Republicans are the party of the rich, right? It's a label that has stuck for decades, and you're hearing it again as Democrats complain about GOP opposition to raising the minimum wage and extending unemployment benefits.

"But in Congress, the wealthiest among us are more likely to be represented by a Democrat than a Republican. Of the 10 richest House districts, only two have Republican congressmen. Democrats claim the top six, sprinkled along the East and West coasts. Most are in overwhelmingly Democratic states like New York and California.

"The richest: New York's 12th Congressional District, which includes Manhattan's Upper East Side, as well as parts of Queens and Brooklyn. Democrat Carolyn Maloney is in her 11th term representing the district."

The rich didn't get and stay rich without looking out for themselves first and foremost.


5. Second grader vs. Common Core curriculum:

As with New Math, it is the dumbing down of America.


6. More education in the news:

Ding Dong School with the Scorekeeper.


7. From the New York Times:
 Cobalts Were Seen as Lemons From Start, State Data Shows

Long before the Chevrolet Cobalt became known for having a deadly ignition defect, it was already seen as a lemon. Owners complained about power steering failures, locks inexplicably opening and closing, doors jamming shut in the rain — even windows falling out.

In more than 120 instances, General Motors was forced under state lemon laws to buy back faulty Cobalts, pay settlements to owners or let them trade in the cars, an analysis by The New York Times of state databases and court records shows. The buybacks came as dozens of claims were filed separately at G.M. from 2005 to 2009 that fit a specific pattern — moving cars, sometimes traveling at high speeds, would suddenly stop working.
Not to be outdone by Toyota's $1.2 billion settlement on its death traps, Detroit proves it can kill more people quicker.


8. From Barack Obama at the plant: “and the Chevy Cobalt that you build here was one of GM’s most sought-after cars under that program. Dealers across the country started running out of it and needed you to build more.”

Most Cobalt owners are young, white and female. How much longer must his War on Women last?


9. From CBS: "NFL Teams To Allow Cheerleaders To Visit Fans In Their Seats During Games."

Lapdances as a halftime activity. Yesssssssssssss!


10. Top. Down Day.

Poor people stuck in their turtle cars.


11. From the Associated Press: "Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reaped a $3.3 billion gain last year by exercising stock options in the social networking company that he founded in a Harvard University dorm room."

Still looks ugly.


12. From Breitbart: "The rich keep getting richer -- and the gap between the super rich and poor has widened even more under President Barack Obama."

He gives the poor food stamps while he dines on caviar.


13. From NRO: "A Berlin cemetery and an organization of elderly lesbians have agreed to dedicate a portion of the grounds, with room for 80 burial plots, for lesbians."

The plaid shirt and Birkenstock section.

The Minneapolis police chief now has a place for her eternal rest.


14. From 100.3 FM: "From yesterday's protest in downtown Albuquerque and Nob Hill, this Marine decided to take an upside down American flag that he saw one of the protesters riding around with."

Take Back Our Flag.

No matter what happens, you don't throw it away and still call yourself an American.

UPDATE: It's not that the flag was upside down, it was that two miscreants threw it to the ground.


15. Cleveland 2, Oakland 0.

Indians fever...


Final score: GOOD 11, EVIL 4.


  1. 1. Immigration law? That hasn't been enforced since Eisenhower left office. Except for a brief respite during Reagan's first term. Other than that' it's been open borders via non-enforcement all the way, baby.

    2. But the intersectionality of environmentalism and animal rights was too juicy and delicious (no pun intended) for the left to pass up.

    15. Oh I thought you meant the Browns beat the Raiders on a safety.

  2. Upside down flag? Seems appropriate with 0gabe and minions in control....

    I've been putting my flag stamps upside down for the better part of 6 years now, yes, the county is indeed in severe distress.

    1. The guys threw it to the ground. That was the problem. The radio station headline should have emphasized that

  3. 3--Lots of ignorant people who think they are smart.

    6--I was MOST amused!

    7--The NYT getting into the act on this. And Toyotas, well, that I mostly don't believe.

    9--I bet Mrs. Scorekeeper will frown on that!

    13--"The Minneapolis now has a place for her eternal rest. " Huh?

    1. Oops. Thanks. Now reads: "The Minneapolis police chief now has a place for her eternal rest."

    2. Crap. I thought you were whacking the whole city. You were about to be my hero.

  4. 2. I thought I had heard every stupid global warming propaganda possible, but today I read that fish were going to drown due to the excess ice melt.

    3. You don't have to think to be a liberal, you just have to emote.

    10. Don't worry, we here in California are sending you a few top down days.

    12. People who do stuff for the 'little people' deserve whatever they can steal.

  5. On GloBULL Warming (climate change now), Direct TV contacted us wanting to know how concerned we were with our carbon footprint and would we be willing to upgrade to more 'green' equipment. Hubby said we were not concerned and no we would not upgrade.

    Right Truth

  6. 2. It occurred to me today that in a few days I will have gone 6 solid months with snow at least somewhere in my yard. The wind chill this morning was 13 above here in Montana's "banana belt".

    3. Remember that Minneapolis residents elected and re-elected Keith Ellison.

    10. No "top down day" here yet, but at least I drove the car instead of the 4x4 pickup this morning.

  7. 2. Meat, cheese, and milk for everyone. Here in Indiana we've just had the most brutal winter in memory....I'm more than willing to throw some extra steaks on the grill to do my part.

    5. Common Core: the stupidity has to be seen to be believed, seriously. I'm sitting there helping my little girl (3rd grade) do her homework asking how and the hell did they screw this up so bad (worksheets have Common Core at bottom). Evidently my 700 level statistics, economics, and calculus classes (all plural) in grad school didn't sufficiently prepare me for the rigors of 3rd grade math under the new system. They really did try to go out and re-invent the wheel. I'm sending a thank you letter to Governor Pence for shit-canning the whole Common Core mess.