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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Daily Scoreboard: March 26, 2014

1. From Robert Stacy McCain: "Political observers were puzzled last week when, the day after he was re-nominated to office in the Illinois primary, Democrat state Rep. Keith Farnham announced his resignation, citing health issues. Now that mystery has been solved in a surprising way: Federal agents sought evidence of child pornography last week when they seized computers from the Elgin district office of former state Rep. Keith Farnham, who resigned Wednesday, according to a search warrant released Friday."

Health issues. Would have been awkward if he said to spend more time with his family.


2. From United Press International: "A Florida man was arrested over the weekend when he scared a 6-year-old girl after emerging from a stall in a Walgreens bathroom wearing nothing but his birthday suit. According to Winter Haven Police, Christopher Mahurin and Jenna Lynn Frey were having sex in the women’s restroom at the drug store when a 6-year-old girl walked in to the use the facilities."

Why wasn't the woman arrested?

Get a room.


3. From the Associated Press: "North Dakota has recorded the highest personal income growth among all states for the sixth time in the last seven years.  Statistics released Tuesday by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis indicated that the state's personal income grew 7.6 percent in 2013. Utah ranked behind North Dakota with a 4 percent growth.  The federal report tied the state's income to various business sectors including agriculture, construction and energy development."

Not a blue state.


4. From CBS: "The star of the television show 'Judge Joe Brown' has been arrested and charged with five counts of contempt of court in Tennessee, court officials in Memphis said Monday."

This looks like a job for Judge Judy.


5. From Agence France Presse: "Ukraine's former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko was plunged into fresh controversy on Tuesday after Russian television broadcast a tape where she is heard urging the wiping out of Russians over Moscow's seizure of Crimea. Tymoshenko, a hugely controversial figure both in Ukraine and Russia who was released from jail last month, confirmed the voice was hers but said some of the comments had been manipulated."

Kind of hard of hard to do since Barack Obama and Richard Lugar\ got Ukranians to turn in their guns in 2006.


6. From Reuters: " There has been no reverse in the trend of global warming and there is still consistent evidence for man-made climate change, the head of the U.N. World Meteorological Organisation said on Monday."

Remember when we had news writers who were skeptical of Official Government Pronouncements?

We called them journalists.


7. From Time magazine: "Justices Kagan, Sotomayor and Ginsburg aggressively questioned the corporate challengers who want exemptions from providing contraception under Obamacare at Tuesday's oral arguments. Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties say the measure violates their religious freedoms."

Ever get the feeling some man did a liberal woman in and now she is going to exact revenge on the rest of us?


8. From Justice Anthony Kennedy: "Under your view, a profit corporation ... could be forced in principle to pay for abortions."

Of course.

And why not? Kennedy and company have been sitting on their hands while government expands and ignores the Constitution. Under Kelo -- which Kennedy endorsed -- a government can do whatever the heck it pleases as long as that endeavor creates more tax $$$$$.


9. From the New York Post: "Two CNN producers were arrested Tuesday for trying to sneak into the World Trade Center site to test its security — after The Post reported that a teen made it all the way to the spire of the world’s top terror target."

They were looking for MH 370. Their staff psychic told them the black hole dumped it there.



10. From the Washington Times: "The head of U.S. Pacific Command believes America does not possess the capacity to conduct amphibious assaults in the wake of a crisis, as it did during World War II."

Well, we forgot how to put a man on the Moon.

America keeps stealing from the future -- its defense, its space program, its research -- to feed this lazy, no-good welfare machine.


11. Global warming, eh?
It was colder in Poca than Cleveland? That's just not right.


12. From the Detroit News: "Detroit homeowner fatally shoots 2 suspected home invaders."

Walt Kowalski approves.


13. From Don Surber:
Retired Daily Mail Business Editor George Hohmann in a column on Saturday said the state Capitol should display more artwork. He cited the people who want to update the art inside Minnesota’s Capitol, which displays that state’s history, which seems to boil down to six paintings of the Civil War.

“A lot of us would like to see the story of some contributions since then,” state Representative Diane Loeffler told the Associated Press.

Make some then. Minnesota gained statehood in 1858 and peaked in the Civil War. The last thing of interest there was the birth in 1961 of the Poppin’ Fresh, also known as the Pillsbury Doughboy. Minnesota calls itself the Gopher State. A gopher is someone who gets coffee for important people.

Here in the Mountain State, we make history. Our doughboy was Frank Buckles, who was the last American survivor of World War I.
Oh and there is this great moment in West Virginia history: "I suggest we hang a painting of the 6-foot-7 Gov. Jay Rockefeller greeting the 4-foot-9 Mary Lou Retton after her Olympic triumph in 1984. What she lacked in height she made up in smile."

You had to have been there when they walked off the plane.


14. From Say Anything: "Just 53% Of North Dakotans Enrolled In Obamacare Have Paid First Month’s Premium."

Counting chickens before the eggs are even layed. (The Scorekeeper is going really old school today.)


15. From Human Events: "California’s leaders often mock Texas and its Republican Gov. Rick Perry, who has been on an almost evangelical mission to lure California businesses eastward. Earlier this month, Perry visited Los Angeles, Orange County and the San Jose area. He’s been in TV ads pitching Texas to businesses and has boasted that in the last two years California companies created 14,000 jobs in the Lone Star State. People will argue about the numbers. But the Texas-v.-California rivalry grabs attention because it is shorthand for the approaches adopted by the two major political parties, with Democrats controlling Sacramento and Republicans controlling Austin."

Keep Austin crazy, eh?


16. From the biased and partisan and liberal Associated Press: "SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A California state senator was arrested Wednesday during a series of raids by the FBI in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area, authorities said. FBI spokesman Peter Lee confirmed the arrest of State Sen. Leland Yee, but declined to discuss the charges, citing an ongoing investigation. The agency was executing numerous arrests and search warrants in the Bay Area, FBI Special Agent Michael Gimbel said outside the offices of Ghee Kung Tong, a fraternal organization in San Francisco's Chinatown that was among the sites searched."

Yee's party affiliation not mentioned until ninth paragraph.

Of course he is a Democrat.


17. From Agence France Press: "Rome (AFP) - With a turnover of 53 billion euros ($73 billion) in 2013, the 'Ndrangheta mafia from southern Italy made more money last year than Deutsche Bank and McDonalds put together, a new study said Wednesday."

The Scorekeeper liquidated his McDonalds and Deutsche Bank stock. Bought shares of 'Ndrangheta mafia. It was an offer he couldn't refuse.

On a day this evil, Mafia profits look good.


18. From Chelsea Clinton: "I Am Obsessed With Diarrhea."

We all have our areas of expertise, honey.

Serious subject though. You go, girl.


19.  From Breitbart: "According to the Frankfurter Neue Presse, last week police broke down the door of an apartment in Oberurusel am Main at the request of the building's management. It had been called to management's attention that a resident's mailbox was overflowing with uncollected letters. Upon entering the apartment, police discovered the partially decomposed corpse of a 66-year-old-woman sitting on the couch in front of a television that was still on. The woman was dressed in pajamas and nearby police found a TV guide open to listings for last September. Police determined she had been dead for over six months."

Hey, CNN, you lost your viewer.


20. From Herman Cain: "New report from climate scientists: If global warming is real, it would actually be awesome."

That has been the history of the world.


21. From Breitbart: "Man Hit Girlfriend With Anger Management Book."

Surprisingly, it was not Charlie Sheen.


22. From Facebook to Twitter to Scoreboard:

He'll get his in 2017.

Final score: EVIL 14, GOOD 8.


  1. 2. Too much is available at Walgreens. Which BTW is closing some stores after it grew like a weed in the last 20 years or so.

    4. Second chances? He needs one.

    5. Wipe out Russians? Good luck with that.

    13. Should have, like Missouri's state capital, a hall of fame of famous state residents or natives. Too bad that WV doesn't have any uber famous talk radio hosts.

    16. Patrick Cannon, former mayor of Charlotte, too.

    18. Well, she's as ugly as diarrhea.

  2. #6 "We called them journalists."

    Bob Woodward is the biggest disappointment. If I was not afraid of being sued, I would call him out as a fraud. But I am so I didn't.

  3. 3--Definitely bluish-white in the winter, by personal observation!

    4--Definitely OUGHT to know better!

    6--They're all Party-Liners now.

    7--They don't need a man to have an excuse. That's just the way they are.

    8--Is claimed to create more tax money. Kelo was a bust on that.

    16--Don's Name That Party Game Strikes Again!

    18--You know, I REALLY don't want to know.

    19--Oh, those Europeans, always watching their neighbors...ir ignoring them.

  4. #8: I don't see why California hasn't gotten the idea to condemn all the Prop 13 homes and sell them to new people. The sudden tax increase will just about double our tax base. Of course, that might not go over too well with the LIV's.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Two possible reasons: We sold one in 1990 and now life in Nebraska.
      And I don't know if there is anybody left there that would buy a 40-year-plus-old home with a through-the-roof tax burden.

  5. #16 Yee worked with some gangster name "Shrimp Boy"

  6. According to Colorlines, when McGrath asked [Kobe] Bryant’s opinion on the Miami Heat’s show of solidarity with [Trayvon] Martin in the now iconic “Hoodie” photo, the 35-year-old L.A. Laker said that such a move showed lack of “progress”:

    I won’t react to something just because I’m supposed to, because I’m an African-American,” he said. “That argument doesn’t make any sense to me. So we want to advance as a society and a culture, but, say, if something happens to an African-American we immediately come to his defense? Yet you want to talk about how far we’ve progressed as a society? Well, we’ve progressed as a society, then don’t jump to somebody’s defense just because they’re African-American. You sit and you listen to the facts just like you would in any other situation, right? So I won’t assert myself.”


  7. #1 I think there is about 5 democrats in the news right now being investigated for corruption - Hairy Reed is the latest....where is the MSM out cry?
    #11 - Skeptics are on the march, we will save the free market system and freedom itself.

  8. #18 - Well since everything that comes out of her mother's mouth is verbal diarrhea it is understandable.