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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Daily Scoreboard: March 25, 2014

1. Via Robert Stacy McCain: "Three children were rescued from a Monterey County home last week after deputies discovered that two women — one a former correctional officer — had starved, chained and abused the children, officials said Friday."

So much for superior parenting from homosexual parents.


2. From Mother Nature Network: "New Big Bang evidence also hints that we may exist in a multiverse."

One of them is bound to be a place where Obamacare works, Putin is scared of sanctions, and global warming is real.


3. From American Power Blog: "Shark-Attack Survivor Bethany Hamilton Wins Surf n' Sea Pipeline Women's Pro 2014."

With video.

Surf's up.


4. From Glenn Reynolds: "The world is not much like the Model U.N., and our adversaries are, in fact, on the other side. Russians, Chinese, Iranians, North Koreans: All would have more freedom of action if the U.S. were weak, and they know it."

The Scorekeeper knows why the thought of having a President Reynolds appeals to many readers.


5. From New York Times reporter James Risen: The Obama administration is “the greatest enemy of press freedom that we have encountered in at least a generation.” The administration wants to “narrow the field of national security reporting,” Risen said, to “create a path for accepted reporting.” Anyone journalist who exceeds those parameters, Risen said, “will be punished.”

Richard Nixon: If I had a son....


6. From Washington Free Beacon: "Pro-Israel Students Called ‘Kike,’ ‘Dirty Jew’ at University of Michigan."

President Obama has brought the best out in Americans -- not!

You elect someone based on the color of his skin, expect more racism.


7. From the London Daily Mail: "Beer fit for a zombie! Pale stout brewed with real BRAINS launches in tribute to The Walking Dead."

Beer brewed with brains? 100% Democrat-free.


8. Tweet of the day.

From NBC, corporate kissing cousin of the global warming-pushing Weather Channel.

9. From the Washington Post: "Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who along with his wife plowed more than $92 million into efforts to help mostly losing candidates in the 2012 elections, is undertaking a new strategy for 2016 — to tap his fortune on behalf of a more mainstream Republican with a clear shot to win the White House, according to people familiar with his thinking."

Those "people familiar with his thinking"?

What kind of ca-ca attribution is that.

If true...


10. Phil Donahue still misses Saddam Hussein.

An evil, evil, evil man.

And Saddam Hussein wasn't very nice either.


11. From Kansas Redneck: "Broadband giant Verizon has decided to offer incest and child themed porn in their video on demand service. That should give us a clue as to what is next in the war on traditional family values."

Our ancestors were right about porn. One big sliding board to perdition.


12. From Donald Rumsfeld: ""A trained ape can get a status of forces agreement. It does not take a genius. And we have so mismanaged that relationship."


Don't even think about calling him a racist.


13. From Rasmussen: "78% Favor Proof of Citizenship Before Being Allowed to Vote."

The other 22% are here illegally.


14. From Investors Business Daily: "Lee's tweet shows just how little the White House knows about business, particularly small business, and the self-employed individuals such as Matt Drudge who file as small businesses and who each year must not only settle up for the prior year by mid-April but must also pay their first-quarter estimated taxes for the current year."

Ran a lemonade stand?

Heck, none of them even worked at one.

They are all rich kids who mocked us for our pimples when we worked at Mickey Ds as teens.


15. From BuzzFeed: "Poll Shows Democrats’ Big Push Against The Kochs Might Not Make Any Sense."


Let them believe it does.


16. I tweet:

17. From the BBC: "In London, the different guilds divided into tribes and engaged in violent disputes. In 1339, fishmongers were involved in a series of major street battles with goldsmiths. But ironically, the apprentices with the worst reputation for violence belonged to the legal profession."

As surprising as the sun going down in the west.


18. From Fox News: "Indiana has become the first of 45 states to opt out of the national education standard known as Common Core, and critics of the controversial K-12 program say the move could open the floodgates for others to follow. Growing criticism over costs imposed by the program, as well as fears that by setting a national education standard, the program has already begun dictating curriculum, has made Common Core an increasingly polarizing issue. Although the program has both Republican and Democrat supporters, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence predicted his state will be the first of many to rethink participation."

Another education fad bites the dust.


19. From Fox News: "A 9-year-old girl who was banned from her Colorado school for shaving her head to support a friend with cancer was back in class Tuesday after reports of the disciplinary action surfaced.

"A staff member from Caprock Academy in Grand Junction told FoxNews.com that the school is happy to have the student back and its board of directors is holding a closed meeting later tonight about the situation.

"KDVR.com reported that school officials told the student, Kamryn, she couldn't come back to class without a wig or until her natural hair grew back because her shaved head violates the school's dress code.

"With her parents' approval, Kamryn shaved her head in support of her friend, 11-year-old Delaney, who is battling neuroblastoma, a childhood cancer, and recently started chemotherapy."

There comes a time in every parent's life when you just want to say to a school administrator: "Take this quarter, go downtown and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face!"

(Uncle Buck, knocked down to 25 cents.)


20. From Howard Kurtz: "The Democrats are angry at Nate Silver. This is rather amusing, since the Dems were big Silver boosters in 2012, when he predicted for the New York Times that Barack Obama had a 90 percent chance of being reelected. He later jumped to ESPN, where his 538 blog, relaunched last week, offers a data-driven approach to sports, politics and other subjects (it has, well, a burrito correspondent)."

Well, it is early and there are not many polls out there, so the Houston Astros could, technically, have a shot at the World Series.

Which is better odds than the Democrats now have.

We shall see.


21. From a Republican Senate candidate in Iowa: “I’m Joni Ernst. I grew up castrating hogs on an Iowa farm, so when I get to Washington, I’ll know how to cut pork.”


The Scorekeeper demurs to reader/friend Anne Richards.


22. From Andrew Stiles: "Poll: ‘Un-American’ Koch Brothers More Popular than Harry Reid."

Crabs are more popular.

Head lice, too.


Final score: GOOD 16, EVIL 6.


  1. 9. What Sheldon Adelson wants more than anything else in the world is for immigration law not to be enforced. Secondarily, he’d be happy with some sort of amnesty/legal status/work permits legislation to happen, but failing that, he wants and needs the former. The only way immigration law will ever be enforced is if whoever the President of the United States is wants to enforce it. Therefore, Adelson has as his prime objective to make sure that whoever is President doesn’t want to enforce it.

    Adelson isn’t necessarily exercising disproportionate influence over Republican Presidential politics because he wants a particular person or one of a very small circle of individuals to win, he’s doing it to make sure that an immigration patriot does not win the nomination, to make sure an immigration patriot does not win the Presidency and start enforcing immigration law.

    It says in this article that Bush, Christie, Walker and Kasich are going to Vegas to kiss Adelson’s ring. Any one of those four men would lose to any halfway credible Democrat in 2016. But my point is that Adelson doesn’t care whether the Republican or the Democrat wins, as long as whoever wins does not enforce immigration law. He knows as well as the rest of us that any given Democrat won’t, so the crucial thing is to make sure that someone like Jeff Sessions doesn’t win the nomination. For if he or someone similar does, and turns 2016 into a very winnable immigration referendum, then Adelson is going to be sweating bullets.

    11. But if they could, they'd totally censor American Renaissance.

    15. Remember where this Koch business came from.

    During the public employee union reform debate in Wisconsin, some underroo-clad basement dwelling leftist loser used his iPad to discover that some Koch brother gave $5 to Scott Walker's campaign for Governor. From there, it was off to the races with the kook left blaming the Koch Bros for every hung toenail.

    Before then, the only way I knew about the Koch Bros was from their sponsorship marquee of PBS's program NOVA.

    18. Yet the RINO establishment is totally thrown into Common Cult. Probably because the "bidness" community is salivating over all the data mining.

    22. See Number 15.

  2. 4--He's smart enough not to.

    5--Saw elsewhere a comment that it's not so much Barry, as the press that lets him get away with it.

    6--Another case of "tolerant" lefties.

    8--I got some global warming in my area: Spring has SPRUNG.

    10--You got a link for this?

    15--Might? Heh, heh, heh.

    17--I wonder what set off the fishmongers and the goldsmiths?

    1. Whoops gulftoday.ae/portal/6574cde1-01cc-4ac4-b6df-0fa3e6137376.aspx

  3. Great red-hot post today, Don.

    #6 The University of Michigan anti-Semitism is related to the formerly-tabled BDS vote. The anti-Israel group occupied a lounge and hurled insults so the university caved and decided to reward the group with a vote tonight, after all. We'll see.

  4. 2. A parallel universe that screwed up would implode, and suck us in with it.

  5. More Liberals Gone Wild: Liberal Professor Accused Of Physically Attacking Pro-Life Teen

  6. #16 - The Second Amendment (Amendment II) to the United States Constitution protects the right of individuals[1][2] to keep and bear Bangos.

  7. Stan in Sugar LandMarch 25, 2014 at 10:44 PM

    15. Koch Industries an outstanding, but demanding, company to work for!

    1. I have worked for conservatives in companies and liberals. I was better protected by the conservatives who wanted to make money and remain solvent