Saturday, December 28, 2013

Man of the Year

I started the Man of the Year as a means of writing posts in advance for my Old Blog. I wanted to give readers something to read whilst I enjoyed the holidays.

But of course I blogged through the holidays; best-laid plans and all that. Sarah Palin won the first one, but there were numerous runners up posts filed before then.

This year, with the new old blog I decided to to do one post, one Man of the Year. I asked readers to nominate the people and they did. Ted Cruz was an overwhelming choice. Then Stephen Eimers nominated himself. And won. His entry via Facebook: 
ME and my family! We are victims of Obamacare. I have 7 children who had insurance and who are going to lose it.

Twelve years ago I quit my nursing job and started a small business. We struggled without insurance and had major expenses which we paid. Finally, we were able to purchase a group insurance policy. We have continued to pay for that insurance despite the fact it has skyrocketed in price.

Since October 1 I have spent over 50 hours navigating that terrible website and over 40 hours on the phone. I was able to complete the application and it was trying to force my children onto Medicaid. I had to make a change in the application that required the Advanced Resolution Center's help. After my initial request I was promised a call back within "48 hours." I'm on day 44 and 6 escalations later!

The website was supposed to be fixed on November 30 but for the first 8 days of December I couldn't even log on. On 9 December I was able to delete my old application and start over to fix the error on my first application.
While filling out the application yesterday I answered all the income questions (over 40 pages) but saw something I wanted to edit so I clicked the edit button. There is a glitch that forces you to answer all 40 pages again. Just as I was about to finish my 80th page of income answers the website gave me an error code and logged me out. None of my answers were saved!

I logged back in and for the third time answered that all 7 of my kids are not going to make any money this year. They have 3 pages that ask this same question. At this point I had answered the no income question 63 times on my 7 children! The other page is a question about whether my children paid ALIMONY. At this point I answered that question 21 times.

I finally got to the end of the application and noticed the website had changed my answer on filing a tax return from a joint return to not filing a return. I hit the edit button which deleted all my answers. The website then prompted me to answer questions about my dependents but a glitch would not let me do this so after another extended call to the 1-800# I was forced to delete my 2nd completed application.
Stupid me decided to try again and I did the whole process and got to the end and the thing glitched again and said we were not filing a return AGAIN. An hour long call to the 1800# and guess what: completed application #3 was DELETED!

I am a true sucker so I tried again this morning. I made it through the application in about 75 minutes and got my eligibility. My wife and I along with our 2 year old son could purchase a policy but our 8,9, 11, 12,14 and 14 year old children would not be able to purchase insurance. Application #4 got deleted. I am done trying!

I don't know what we are going to do! We had insurance and Obama took it from us. I didn't vote for Obama and did not support Obamacare. I knew Obamacare would fail but I truly did not want Obamacare to fail. Only an idiot would want it to fail when its failure would mean havoc and no insurance for my children.
We had insurance and Obama took it away. We have tried everything to get new insurance. The president has placed my family in an untenable position. This Obamacare nightmare reminds me of another collectivization attempt; in 1932 Stalin confiscated the farms of Ukraine. He issued impossible quotas and starved 10,000,000 to death in the Holodomor. The parallels of robbing families and children of such a basic necessity is terrifying!

The thing that frightens me most is the moral impunity by which the president and his supporters are operating. They are spewing outright lies and destroying people's lives. They claim the moral high ground and sanctimoniously prance around while stealing a basic necessity from my children. These people are a bunch of amoral monsters!

This is why the victims of Obamacare should be your man of the year!
We tend to look at people as numbers and issues as political. But I thank Stephen Eimers for reminding us that they are really about people, in this case people caught literally in the machinery of government.

Stephen Eimers is the Scorekeeper's Man of the Year. This won't help him get health insurance. But maybe it makes him and his lovely family feel better today.


  1. Mr. Eimers gets my vote. In a just world he'd be on the cover of Time.

  2. I wish he didn't have to win.

  3. A top-notch selection, Mr. Scorekeeper! Mr. Eimers and his family have my sympathy. Given what he's done to white people, Obama is a raaaaaacist. Since he's done it to everyone, clearly he's an equal-opportunity hater.

  4. So sad that people like Mr. Eimers and millions of others will suffer at the hands of this dictator presidents. It angers me to no end…

  5. Mr Eimers represents the 285 million victims of the (un)affordable Care Act.

  6. Best choice yet - and I've seen 'em all since Mrs. Palin.

  7. Excellent choice, Don. The victims of O'Care need to be seen and heard, and they need to be lighting torches and grabbing pitchforks. This government needs a lesson.

  8. I am a victim of Obamacare. Both unemployed AND uninsured due to ACA. My $89/mo policy was replaced with a $380/mo bronze policy. Because I'm over 30, no catastrophic plan for me. Because I made money while employed, no subsidy.

  9. Don, GREAT to see you back! (yeah, I know I'm a few months late...)

    Very good choice for Man of the Year. I hadn't heard the story--amazingly, this one hasn't made it to the nightly news and AP chose not to include when trumpeting the 1.1 Million 'Sign-up' numbers recently.

    Have a great New Year!

  10. Unfortunately, being the pessimist I am, I see an audit in Mr. Eimer's future. Did he enter EXACTLY the same information each time? If not, Ms Lerner can use that as evidence he lied to the IRS (being that he didn't vote for Obama, he MUST be punished). Scooter Libby was just the beginning.

  11. I'll take the wrench. Why? Because FUCK HIM, that's why.....

  12. I'm an IT consultant who spends most of my time working outside of my home state. I'm unable to find any policy which covers me out of state. So my insurance costs go up, my deductible triples, and I have no coverage when traveling. Thanks for your help, Mr. Obama!

  13. I don't see how you all missed it. It's obvious once you read between the lines.

    Folks, Mr Eimers is a racist!


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