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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Daily Scoreboard: August 21, 2013

The Scorekeeper judges events. The Lord judges the people.

1. The revamped Al-Jazeera America debuted as a cable news network.

From Washington Free Beacon: "The Al Jazeera news channel has been caught airing what appears to be the fake death of a Muslim Brotherhood-backed protester in Egypt, according to reports."

Fake news. See? Already it fits right in there with "Tailwind" CNN. Piers Morgan nods.


2. Name that quarterback:

Answer: See below.


3. From Chris Stirewalt: "Since When Did Free Stuff Need ‘Buzz’?

"As far as a product launch goes, President Obama’s new health-insurance entitlement program is looking pretty dire.

"It’s like automated airline ticket kiosks: Nobody seems very happy about it, but nobody can escape it.

"The latest system defect is the government’s hiring of a former lobbyist for the Obama-allied community organizing group, ACORN, to run a “viral video” contest in which young applicants document their affection for the law.

"The Daily Mail reports that Deepak Bhargava will oversee the contest to generate online buzz. Bhargava ought to be well acquainted with the concept. It was viral videos of ACORN workers counseling conservative activists posing as a pimp and a prostitute that led to the dismantling of the group."

That is because it is not free. People who do not need health insurance (young liberals) will pay through the nose to subsidize those who need it most (old conservatives).

There was a reason 50 million Americans did not have health insurance. Most of them neither wanted nor needed it.


4. From the Boston Globe: Democratic "Governor Deval Patrick’s administration said today it believes that the criminal cases of 40,323 people may have been tainted by the actions of alleged rogue drug lab chemist Annie Dookhan and the management failures at the now-closed Department of Public Health lab where she worked.

"At a State House news conference this afternoon, Boston defense attorney David Meier, who was hired by the administration to determine the scope of the scandal, summarized the research he has overseen since last year when Dookhan’s alleged mishandling of drug evidence was discovered by State Police.

"The administration’s final tally was nearly 3,000 more than previous estimates offered by Meier."

Rogue, eh? Like none of the prosecutors ever knew their cases were crap sandwiches.

CSI is only as good as the honesty of its D.B. Russells and its Julie Finlays.


5. From CBS: "A downtown Brooklyn coffee vendor has been in a David-vs.-Goliath battle with the city Department of Transportation, but some powerful officials have decided to step in on his behalf.

"As CBS 2 Political Reporter Marcia Kramer reported, Ahmed Khalifa has been selling coffee and breakfast treats from his cart for 16 years, but he said the DOT is trying to squeeze him out."

Come on, Ahmed. Bribe the man.

You gotta pay to play in 21st century America. Under the Hope and Change president, we transformed America into Chicago. 


6. From the Associated Press: "A Democratic state senator from northeast Arkansas resigned Tuesday after an ethics panel said he spent thousands of dollars from his re-election campaign on personal items such as women's clothing and home theater equipment.

"Sen. Paul Bookout of Jonesboro announced he was stepping down immediately following last week's decision by the Arkansas Ethics Commission to fine him $8,000 and reprimand him over the spending. Bookout has served in the state Senate since 2006."

They named the party in the lead for a crooked Democratic politician? Journalism has gone to heaven since the Scorekeeper went on hiatus.


7. From the Chicago Tribune: "Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Tuesday defended the unexpected weekend demolition of the Whittier Elementary School field house, saying the building was unsafe and the playground and sports fields slated to replace it will be better for kids in the Pilsen neighborhood.

"Three years ago, activists staged a 43-day sit-in in the field house and prevented Chicago Public Schools from knocking down the building where various community programs were held. The protesters said they had no warning before city workers arrived Friday night at the field house and demolished it by Saturday morning."

If only Chicagoans cared as much about their sons gunning one another down as they did an old school building.

Hey, the Scorekeeper finally found something Dead Fish did right.


8. From National Review: "In late September 2010, Iowa senator Chuck Grassley and six of his colleagues grew suspicious that a senior Obama administration official had improperly accessed the tax information of industrial behemoth Koch Industries.

"After Austan Goolsbee, then-chairman of the president’s Council of Economic Advisers, made an erroneous statement that implied direct knowledge of the company’s confidential tax status, the senators demanded that the Treasury Department inspector general for tax administration investigate. Now, more than two years since the completion of that investigation, and despite repeated requests from Koch Industries and Senator Grassley himself, the results have yet to see the light of day."

So John King was not asking Coke or Pepsi but rather Koch or Pepsi.

This is what fascist governments do.

Look for Politico to insist they treated lefties just as bad. The point is no one should be harassed like this.


9. From the Raw Story: "Conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia struck a dismissive tone on Monday against diversity in a speech in Bozeman, Montana, the Associated Press reported.

“It’s not up to the courts to invent new minorities that get special protections,” Scalia told an audience at an event held by the Federalist Society, arguing that the high court is taking up matters best left before voters or Congress, a reference to its June 2013 decisions striking down both the Defense of Marriage act and California’s Proposition 8, which barred same-sex marriages. Scalia dissented in both decisions."

How about one last minority: conservative bloggers who think they're funny?


10. From the Calgary Herald: "Every now and again, cosmologists decide that the universe needs a rethink. For example, for the past century, they have likened it to an inflating balloon, decorated with galaxies. Now one theoretical physicist has pricked this textbook idea by coming up with an heretical suggestion -- namely, that the universe is not expanding at all.

"The idea that the universe is unchanging -- a constant backdrop that alters only with our parochial view of the heavens -- was long ago consigned to the dustbin, thanks to the work of astronomers such as Edwin Hubble in the 1920s."

But hey, we have to spend quadrillions to stop global warming because some grad students don't understand the cyclical nature of weather.

(Psst, astrophysicists, The Lord loves messing with your heads.)


11. From Robert Stacy McCain on a protest against expanding Medicaid: "Speakers included Delegate Steve Landes, who dared to ask questions like 'Aren’t we already broke?' and Dr. Clara Belle Wheeler, who did not exactly characterize the existing Medicaid program as an Oldsmobile Delmont 88 with submarine dreams, but certainly expressed misgivings."

Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment -- nor finally, Ted Kennedy.


12. From Maggie's Farm: "82 Percent Say US Losing War on Drugs."

We're also losing the War on Poverty.

Dump both. Watch drug abuse and poverty recede.


13. From Michael Tanner: "Here’s an offer for you: $38,004 per year, tax free. No work required. Apply at your local welfare office.

"The federal government funds 126 separate programs targeted towards low-income people, 72 of which provide either cash or in-kind benefits to individuals. (The rest fund community-wide programs for low-income neighborhoods, with no direct benefits to individuals.)

"State and local governments operate more welfare programs. Of course, no individual or family gets benefits from all 72 programs, but many do get aid from a number of them at any point in time."

We subsidize loafing and tax income.

Maybe the Scorekeeper should sign up.


14. From the Wall Street Journal: "Former President Pervez Musharraf was charged with the killing of Benazir Bhutto, his worst legal setback yet that quashes expectations of a deal to release him."

Missus Bhutto feels his pain.


15. From ZNet: "The latest version of Google's browser is out for download, and now includes a bevy of updates including a reset button, and a new omnibox algorithm that will result in more relevant suggestions."

Hope that reset button works better than President Obama's did with Vladimir Putin.


16. From CNN: "An Iowa man shot and killed an escaped inmate on Tuesday after the convict held him and his wife hostage in their home, investigators said.

"Jerome Mauderly, 71, and his wife, Carolyn, 66, were asleep when escaped inmate Rodney Long, 38, broke into their rural Bedford home a little after 10 p.m. on Monday, said Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation spokesman Mitch Mortvedt."

Obama had a grandpa and grandma who looked just like them.


17. From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: "Robbery victim: 'Instead of pulling my wallet, I pulled my gun'."

Killed one, the other is now on trial for felony murder because prosecutors say he participated in the armed robbery.

The victim? Self-defense.


18. From the Herald Sun (Australia): "THE teenagers accused of murdering Melbourne baseball player Chris Lane were dobbed in by a local who claims his son was the trio's next target."

The difference between this and Trayvon is the Aussie didn't have a gun to fight back when jumped.


19. From Breitbart: "New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize winning Princeton economist Paul Krugman is battling plagiarism charges after a distinguished UCLA professor of economics leveled the accusation against him on his blog.

"In an open letter to Paul Krugman, UCLA economics professor Roger Farmer alleges that Krugman stole his ideas and repackaged them in his New York Times columns."

Wow, he has to steal his lousy ideas. Too bad he didn't steal a few from Milton Friedman.

The Nobel Peace Prize President launched more wars than Saddam Hussein and kills more people than Ted Bundy.

Now the Nobel Economics Winner plagiarizes.

They don't make Nobel laureates like they used to. But Krugman is now qualified to be Obama's vice president.


20. From the Wall Street Journal: "New Details Show Broader NSA Surveillance Reach Programs Cover 75% of Nation's Traffic, Can Snare Emails."


For $10 billion a year, the Scorekeeper expects 100% coverage.


21. From the Associated Press: "Connecticut police say a convenience store clerk has been critically injured trying to stop the theft of two signs featuring images of actor David Hasselhoff.

"Authorities say the 36-year-old clerk at a Cumberland Farms in Shelton saw a man put the signs into an SUV shortly after 1 a.m. Tuesday. Police say the worker was struck and dragged by the SUV and landed on his head."

Yes, abandon the cash register because David Hasselhoff's picture must be saved at all costs.

The Scorekeeper is disappointed that the getaway car was not a Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.


22. From the Telegraph: "Indian capital Delhi gripped by 'onion war'. India's opposition parties have declared an 'onion war' on the government after prices for the staple curry ingredient soared beyond the reach of the poor."

If only there were some way people could grow plants on their own.


23. From Benny Johnson: "7 Things Democrats Would Have Freaked Out About If Bush Had Done Them."

And that is just foreign policy.

Truth to power, Benny. You'll be audited. They will find something.


24. From Don Surber: "The latest round of indictments from Williamson show how far West Virginia has fallen.

"The federal government alleges that Mingo County Commissioner David Baisden used his political muscle to get a discount on tires.

"West Virginia now is so broke that there is not enough left for our politicians to steal.

"We have to build the economy for the sake of the crooks."


25. From Investors Business Daily: "Administration Memo Shows Again That Housing Crisis Was Caused By Government.

"The left has long maintained the financial meltdown was a result of greedy bankers fraudulently pushing bad loans on ignorant borrowers. Now, quietly, the administration has admitted that this isn't true."

Gee, basing loans on feelings instead of the ability to pay the money back brings down a n economy. Who knew?

Evidently not George Walker Bush, Barney Frank or Christopher Dodd.


26. From the Washington Post: "A military judge on Wednesday morning sentenced Army Pfc. Bradley Manning to 35 years in prison for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents to the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks."

Nathan Hale was shot at dawn. hanged.

But this creep is not a patriot. Let him rot in the brig. stockade.

27. From Camille Paglia: "As a registered Democrat, I am praying for a credible presidential candidate to emerge from the younger tier of politicians in their late 40s. A governor with executive experience would be ideal. It’s time to put my baby-boom generation out to pasture! We’ve had our day and managed to muck up a hell of a lot. It remains baffling how anyone would think that Hillary Clinton (born the same year as me) is our party’s best chance. She has more sooty baggage than a 90-car freight train. And what exactly has she ever accomplished — beyond bullishly covering for her philandering husband? She’s certainly busy, busy and ever on the move — with the tunnel-vision workaholism of someone trying to blot out uncomfortable private thoughts."

Apt description.

Hillary: the queen of busy work who misses the big stuff: Monicagate and Benghazi. 


Final score: GOOD 16, EVIL 11.

The quarterback of course is the patriarch of Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson, who not only was good enough to start ahead of Terry Bradshaw but was offered a contract by the Washington Redskins. That must have been when he was a woman because Phil Robertson now says they have a name for people without a beard -- women.

Coming up tomorrow: Liberal America's worst nightmare.

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  1. Camille is great. She's liberal but is capable of understanding a conservative viewpoint, sometimes.
    Always hoped she and Tammy Bruce would pair up.
    And, no, not for the reason you think.

    Surbversives Assemble!

  2. "An Iowa man shot and killed an escaped inmate on Tuesday after the convict held him and his wife hostage in their home, investigators said."

    The Second Amendment. Keeping hearth and home safe since 1791.


  3. As a man I shake my head in amazement a former star quarterback and current TV actor is so unsure of his virility he obsessively nutures facial hair as proof of his maleness and self-worth

  4. 1--My local public radio will carry Al-Jazeera news, and our local rag's editor thinks that's grrrreaT!

    15--That Google button will connect your directly to the NSA. Maybe OFA, too.

    24--Quoting yourself! Oh, Donnnnnnn. I did like that editorial, though.

    25--Pretty sure W knew, but Congress preferred its graft potential.

  5. Paglia is a great thinker and a great writer. She's a hell of a speaker, too, I had the privilege of hearing her a few years ago.

    But is she really baffled that anyone could think Hillary is the party's best chance? Who else have they got? What else has the party got going for it but identity politics? The Dems think they have this thing wired. First Woman President is a brand to them, not a person.

    The party is interested in keeping power, nothing else, and the GOP isn't much better. Paglia strikes me as a classical liberal who is far too bright to be a Democrat. Come on over to the teaparty, Camille! I'm sure Sarah will be delighted to have you on the stump for her when next she runs for office!

    Speaking of which, what do people think? Will Palin run for Senate? Or President?

    1. Consider that Larry Sabato has as the second-best Democratic candidate for President in 2016:

      Joe Biden.

      When Biden is your second-best candidate, you're in deep, deep trouble.

  6. 12
    We are also losing the War on Terror

  7. Nathan Hale was hanged. IF I remember history correctly, he requested to be shot, but traitors were hanged. And to the British, he was traitor, not hero. And so he was hanged.

  8. #25 - To his credit, Bush 43 did try to rein in the Mortgage Monsters. People such as Barney Frank rose up to keep the carnival going.

    #26 - Manning is in the Army, not the Navy, so won't he be imprisoned in a "stockade" instead of a "brig"?

  9. Thanks. I shall fix. Really screwed that one.

  10. #10 - astrophysicists - I never got over Pluto being demoted from a plant to just another floating piece of space junk...planets have feelings to yah know :(

  11. Welcome back, Don. I'm enjoying!

  12. #2--Got it right!! Happy Happy Happy

  13. RE: 19
    as I tweeted to someone the other night when this broke - "Wait, you mean he's been stealing someone else's bad ideas?"

  14. Don!@!!!!

    You're back!!!!!

  15. Howdy, Don. Used to comment on the old blog as Old School Conservative to keep the flies from pestering me under my real name. Don't give a damn any more. My wife still follows you on Twitter, but I don't do Twitter or Facebook. Keep up the good work, glad to see you're back.

    Camille Paglia has some great points about Hillary. I fear, though, that any candidate from today's Democrat party, which has become so dominated by rat-bastard-commies. will be just as far left as she is.