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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Liberals argue against Civil Rights Act of 1964

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders took her family to a restaurant on Friday night. The staff panicked. They called the owner in. She asked Sanders to leave citing politics. Sanders left.

This was the second time this week a restaurant booted a woman member of the White House staff.

Liberals argue that this somehow is not the same as a baker refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding.

Why the Resistance is futile

The New York Times seemed puzzled by the Republican reaction to the Resistance. Instead of serving as a wedge between President Trump and the party, the Resistance serves as an adhesive.

Liberals also may be surprised to learn the Resistance is a turn off for their supporters as well.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Sanctuary city opposes housing illegal aliens

Concord in Contra Costa County, California, is a sanctuary city.

"There are 2.3-2.6 million Californians who are undocumented. The concept of a sanctuary city goes back thousands of years when cities in the Old Testament agreed to be a place for those seeking safety," the county says.

President Trump said good.

We'll re-open a shuttered Navy base in the city and house 47,000 illegal aliens there.

Living like President Trump

Few men would not wish to be married to a model and live in a three-story penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park. If you must live in Manhattan, that is the way to go.

How do you get there? Daniel Greenfield outlined President Trump's five rules for ruling the world.

Fake News backfires

When I saw the cover of Time magazine with a girl crying at President Trump, I knew it was Fake News and not just because it was photoshopped. Instinctively, I knew the girl was not an illegal alien torn from her mother.

Of course I was right.

Friday, June 22, 2018

“I wear his ashes in a locket. That is how I get to hug my son.”

“I’m one of your legal immigrants,” Sabine Durden told reporters at the White House today.

A German, she married an American soldier and gave birth to Dominic Durden in Nurenberg more on January 22, 1982. The family settled in California, and her son became a 911 Dispatcher for Riverside Sherriff’s Department, saving lives.

Republicans vote to oust Republican governor

West Virginia Governor Jim Justice -- a billionaire tax cheat -- switched parties last year, but I and many Republicans wish President Trump told Justice to pound salt. Besides refusing to pay his taxes, Justice refuses to live in Charleston.

That refusal may be his undoing.

Virtue signalling his way to the Trump Schadenfreude List

Brian Krzanich rose from being a process engineer at Intel to being its CEO 31 years later. All was going well. He expanded the business beyond making chips. He was well liked.

Last summer, he decided to virtue signal and join the rest of the crowd of Trump H8rs.

On Thursday, Intel fired Krzanich as CEO after the board learned he had an affair with a company employee.

The "REEson" for peace with North Korea

MintPress News in Minnesota believes President Trump has a more practical reason for denuking the Korean Peninsula: Rare Earth Elements.

Rare Earth Elements. China controls 95% of the market for these keys to 21st century manufacturing -- and nearly 40 percent of its supply is in North Korea.

Trump prepares to pull a rabbit out of his hat

You know President Trump's visit to Duluth this week was important because CNN and MSNBC failed to cover the event live. Trump is about to do to 2018 what he did to 2016.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Charles Krauthammer, RIP

He could have given up upon paralysis from an accident in medical school, but Charles Krauthammer did not given in to self-pity. He worked and graduated -- from Harvard Medical School.

He distinguished himself as a psychiatrist, and as a columnist he won a Pulitzer.

UN accidentally rips Obama

"UN poverty report blasting Trump, US for ‘hatred for the poor’ uses data from last year of Obama’s presidency," the Fox News headline said.


This happened on Obama's watch, UN.

NFL cannot find one person to pardon

President Trump on June 7 offered an olive branch to NFL players demanding social justice. The president of the United States said he would consider pardons for anyone the players requested.

Two weeks later, not one NFL player has come up with one victim of injustice to be pardoned.

That is amazing. That shows two things. One, our criminal justice system is nearly perfect because despite millions of trials and plea bargains over the years, not one social justice warrior in America can find a case of injustice to present the president.

What part of "president" do they not understand?

Robert Costa, national political reporter for the Washington Post, is alarmed because President Trump is setting federal policy.

"Bannon is gone. Miller gave a quote and is a force behind the scenes. Sec. Nielsen is a spokesperson for the policy. But like so many issues in this admin., it's not about the players but about the president. He is the one insisting, the one pushing others to hold the line," Costa tweeted.

Kim to destroy missile site

Having destroyed tunnels to his nuclear testing facility last month, Kim Jong Un has identified a missile test site he will destroy, as Kim scrambles to keep the promise he made to President Trump.

"Bob Carlin, a former North Korea intelligence adviser for the State Department North Korea, tells CBS News it is significant that the North is destroying this testing site because it is one of the largest in the country," CBS News reported.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Meet the Republican justice who was indicted today

The U.S. attorney charged this Republican state Supreme Court justice with 22 counts related to fleecing taxpayers and stealing antique furniture from the state Capitol.

It's pronounced "law free," which apparently means he thought he was free from the law.

Every newspaper in the state endorsed him because he said he was a reformer. After all, he wrote the book on corruption. Journalists did not realize it was a do-it-yourself tutorial.

I wrote about this earlier. He has four law degrees.

Germans capitulate to Trump

We learned in school that tariffs are bad for the economy. Teachers blame the Depression not on the bad monetary policies of the Federal Reserve (which was designed to avoid recessions) but on the Smoot–Hawley Tariff Act. Conservatives and liberals alike now parrot the pap of Free Trade, as if it magically improves the economy.

The economy under the Bushes and Obama show that was a fallacy. Other nations have tariffs (and we do too) and Europe uses regulation as a barrier to trade.

In fact, protective tariffs work. The United States has had tariffs since 1816.

Peter Fonda wants Barron Trump raped. No Democrats denounce Fonda.

If you thought the attempted assassination of nine congressman last year by a Democratic resistance gunman was an anomaly, you are wrong. The resistance is fascist. They want to destroy President Trump, his family, and every one of his supporters.

They would have done this regardless of the election.

Consider last night's harassment of Kirstjen Nielsen, who as secretary of Homeland Security is 17th in the line of presidential succession.

Trump shows he, not Obama, is the real hope and change

Capitalism is back. No more unnecessary regulations, a corporate tax rate in line with Europe, tax cuts for everyone, and the end to the exploitation of immigrants bu the Chamber of Commerce, and the phony residents of Hollywood, Manhattan, and Kalorama neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

No more under-the-table landscapers and nannies. You want your lawn mowed, you must hire a real American. Not surprisingly, real Americans are happy.

"Economic confidence among lower-income Americans has taken a recent leap, the latest evidence that benefits of the economic expansion are reaching a broader swath of workers," the Wall Street Journal reported, citing a poll.

Look who mocked a disabled Marine

Talia Lavin is a fact-checker at New Yorker who occasionally sells a column to the Village Voice.

Over the weekend, she tweeted that Justin Gaertner, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent had a Nazi tattoo.