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Sunday, October 04, 2015

Tweet of the day

Clinton in West Virginia

West Virginia Democrats brought in Bill Clinton to speak to 2,000 fat-cats, trial lawyers, and special interest lobbyists. The party said it only paid his "expenses" and not his normal corporate fee of $500,000 for a 45-minute speech.

The richest ex-president ever talked about income inequality, and bemoaned the many problems of West Virginia -- which just dumped the Democratic Party last year after eight decades of Democratic Party control of both houses in the state Legislature.

Correcting the press lies about mass shootings

From the U.K. Mirror: “Police said Harper-Mercer was shot dead after he killed 9 people in the 45th mass school shooting in the US this year.”


Lou Dobbs, learned money one potato at a time

In the late 1960s, two eventual Nobel-winning economists from the University of Chicago squared off in a debate at MIT. Paul Samuelson, the great believer in bigger and bigger government, tried to hold his own against Milton Friedman, the champion of capitalism.

The debate left a great impression on a Harvard student from Rupert, Idaho. Instead of Exeter and summers in Martha's Vineyard, he attended public schools and spent his summers lugging 100-pound sacks of potatoes and hauling hay.

Recalling that debate decades later, Lou Dobbs said, "I was absolutely mesmerized by Friedman. For the first time I had a sense of the relationship between economics and politics. That night I understood the relationship between capitalism and democracy in terms that I carry with me to this day,"

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Tweet of the day

Speaking of “disaster” and “catastrophe,” Gazette

The Cognitive Dissonance of Charleston Gazette editorials has greatly amused me over the years.

The government already is shut down

Republicans in Congress will cave in on Planned Parenthood rather than shut down the government.
As far as I am concerned, Congress is shut down. Congress is doing nothing on the things I voted it to do.

Repeal of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act?

Balanced budget?

Reining in the EPA?

Reining in the IRS?

Getting rid of regulations that are unconstitutional?

Hello? Is anyone there? Does anyone care in Washington?

The first Batmobile (predates the George Barris TV car)

Found on Facebook, a 1939 Delahaye Type 165 Cabriolet  posted by Charles Martin.

He called it the Red Batmobile.

Actually, it is the original Batmobile from the first appearance of Batman in Detective comics No. 27.

Remember, Batman is a detective, not a superhero in that he has no power other than his brain.

And money.

And kick-ass car.

By the way, the Delahaye is French.

Charles F. Kettering, the self-starter

A neighboring farmer in Loudonville, Ohio, paid young Charles Franklin Kettering $14 for his help in harvesting the wheat crop. Kettering used the money to buy a mail-order telephone. Once the wait was over, he took the telephone to his room and took it apart. The avid reader was about to become one of the most important inventors in the early 20th century, despite failing eyesight that interrupted his academic career. From air conditioning to missiles, Kettering's 146 patents made life better in America -- and the millions of dollars he donated through the C.F. Kettering Foundation led to pioneering research in medicine.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Tweet of the day