Sunday, June 25, 2017

White House reporters demand to be on TV

White House Correspondents' Association President Jeff Mason is upset because the Trump administration pulled the plug on daily press briefings, which had become so popular that the cable stations drew higher ratings than the afternoon soap operas.

Boo hoo hoo.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Fake News scandal at CNN

Breitbart caught CNN investigative reporter Thomas Frank reporting Fake News.

Frank's story said the Senate Investigative Committee is investigating Anthony Scaramucci, an adviser to President Trump during the presidential campaign.

That is a lie.

Frank did such a lousy, slipshod job that CNN retracted the Fake News, and burned the URL for the story the next day.

BREAKING NEWS: Stephen Colbert tells a funny joke has a world exclusive that changes everything!

Stephen Colbert has told a funny joke!

Trump cuts refugee stream in half

Good news from the Los Angeles Times:
Number of refugees admitted to U.S. drops by almost half
No wonder Merkel is displeased. We have slowed the race to become a Third World nation.

Junk science courts hit Europe

Criminal lawyers say you can indict a ham sandwich.

Now civil lawyers say you can sue a peanut butter sandwich and win -- in Europe.

Friday, June 23, 2017

In wake of Democrat shooting a Republican, Washington Post dials it down -- NOT!

Jason Samenow, the Washington Post's weather editor and Capital Weather Gang's chief meteorologist, wrote a column today: "I worked on the EPA’s climate change website. Its removal is a declaration of war."

Baltimore is a no-go zone

Londonistan is pock marked with areas police fear to tread. Politicians made it plain that police are not allowed to treat all people the same. A Muslim mayor puts Muslims above the law.

Democrats are doing the British one better. According to police, Baltimore is one big no go zone.

Best 2 minutes, 20 seconds you will spend today

Thursday, June 22, 2017

CNN, MSNBC boycott Trump. Hilarity ensues

Fox News has struggled since firing Roger Ailes and canning Bill O'Reilly. Can't do worse than those self-inflicted wounds.

CNN and MSNBC said hold my beer.

Judge boots Saint Preet

Oh how the media protested when President Trump fired Democrat Preet Bharara. The media portrayed him falsely as the bane of Wall Street.

But Saint Preet was a sham political appointee hired from the staff of Democratic Senate Leader Crying Chuck Schumer to shakedown corrupt corporations to "donate" ti Democratic Party "charities" to avoid criminal prosecution. I explained that already.

Now a judge has shown what kind of half-assed lawyer Bharara is in court.

Company rewards Trump states with jobs

In 2008, Barack Obama carried North Carolina, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

In 2016, President Trump flipped those five states on his way to a 30-state victory, the most states won in 20 years.

Now those five states are in the running to land a $10 billion in a display-making factory.

Russophobia is a loser

After nearly nine months of blaming Russia for their election debacle last November in which they outspent the least liked presidential candidate in history and lost by 10 states, Democrats now fear Russia really could cost them in 2018.

Because blaming Russia for Democratic ineptitude is making the party look foolish.

Go ahead. Ban cultural appropriation

Readers of "Trump the Establishment" may remember this paragraph:
Cultural appropriation is the successor to multicultural diversity, which holds that newcomers bring new customs that we should incorporate into our nation. Cultural appropriation admonishes us for incorporating new customs. Liberalism is not supposed to make sense.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Handel's revenge on Planned Parenthood

Republican Karen Handel not only became the first woman to win a congressional seat in Georgia last night, but she exacted revenge on Planned Parenthood -- which had relentlessly worked to get Handel fired five years ago.

11 reasons to pull CNN's credentials

Why you should care about increasing secrecy in White House and Senate
Inch by inch by inch, the Trump administration is rolling back press access, which means less information for the public.
And by press access, CNN means CNN.

Fox News and the rest of the TV outlets get called upon at press briefings. The reason CNN does not is because CNN no longer bothers with even the facade of fairness.