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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Media owes President Trump an apology

On a day when the Wall Street Journal implied that President Trump a drunken liar, House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes confirmed that Barack Obama wiretapped the Trump campaign.

The entire Media-Democratic Party Complex owes President Trump a heartfelt and very public apology.

Of more importance, the Media-Democratic Party Complex needs to finally accept that the American people chose Trump over Clinton without any interference from any foreign government.

It's been nearly six months, buttercup. Accept reality.

Trump's win destroyed political consultants

I wrote a chapter of "Trump the Establishment" to Trump's destruction of the political consultants. I called it "The $735,802,967 Scam."

That is how much money Bush and Trump's other Republican opponents in their futile attempt to stop Donald Trump.

Now Axios has looked at how it worked in the general election. The work is impressive.

Tonya Harding's thoughts exactly

Kill dog racing already

Hoppy Kercheval, the dean of West Virginia Statehouse reporters, had a commentary, "Time for the state to give up on dog racing."

The state subsidies dog racing to the tune of $15 million as part of subsidies to the gambling industry -- "tourism" as they say. (Do you really think rafting down the New River attracts 54.6 million visitors a year? If so, plenty of oceanfront property is available in Poca, West Virginia.)

Gorsuch hearing shows how weak Democrats are

How easy it is to criticize Republicans as they struggle with Obamacare. This is their biggest piece of legislation in 20 years, when they forced Clinton to agree to balance the budget.

But look across the aisle and all you see are old people. The Democratic Party Caucus is God's waiting room, as the judiciary hearing on Neil Gorsuch.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Trump supporter sues bar for not serving him

The Happiest Hour on West 10th Street in Manhattan may not be happy after a Trump supporter sued management for refusing to serve him because he wore a Make America Great Again hat.

Greg Piatek, 30, an accountant from Philadelphia, told the New York Post that the bar refused to serve him on January 28.

Conservatives misread Obamacare repeal

Via Instapundit, Chris Buskirk: "Ryancare Will Destroy The Republican Majority."


Don Quixote wins in West Virginia

The West Virginia Senate voted to end an $8 million-a-year subsidy of a technology that in 400 years has yet to prove itself as an efficient and reliable way to generate electricity.

In so doing, lawmakers also will better protect bats, birds, and bald eagles because the loss of the subsidy will mean fewer windmills. The huge steel blades of the modern windmill slash and kill thousands and thousands of airborne mammals and birds each year.

Newsweek: Fire Comey

So FBI director Jim Comey is now back to being a liberal icon again. I washed my hands of this political hack last July when he refused to recommend prosecuting Hillary Clinton for treating national security like a joke.

On Monday, he lied repeatedly and deliberately to Congress because that is what political hacks do. Liberals of course no love him again.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Hey elitists, Trump voters knew what we were doing

Concern trolling by Marxist members of the media since we elected Donald Trump president greatly amuses me.

Typical of these trolls was Ezra Klein's piece, "Defunding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting won’t kill PBS. It will hurt Trump voters."