Friday, April 29, 2016

Quote of the day

Via Gateway Pundit, National Review Washington Editor Eliana Johnson on the Neil Cavuto Show:
"Well, one really important thing, Neil, is not to confuse where the bad behavior is coming from. Mr. Trump and his campaign have behaved badly in encouraging and fomenting violence inside their rallies. And, these protesters are behaving badly fomenting and encouraging bad behavior outside the rallies. The fact that there are protesters that are behaving badly does not dissolve the Trump campaign or Mr. Trump for what he’s done."
I think she means absolve. Now we know who edits Kevin Williamson's work.

Tweet of the day

Don't tell me Trump is not a conservative

I voted today in the May 10 West Virginia Primary. Finally got to vote for Donna Boley. She has served in the West Virginia Senate since 1985. At 80, she is a party stalwart. After Republicans finally took over the state Senate after an 82-year hiatus, they named her Senate president pro tempore. At one point, 25 years ago, she was the only Republican in the state Senate. It was 33 against 1. God bless her. She was George W. Bush's senior advisor for the state in that historic election in 2000 in which West Virginia finally flipped red in presidential races. Without West Virginia, say hello to President Gore. You are welcome, America.

WV gets more delegates than Iowa?

I voted today in the West Virginia Primary for Donald Trump. I was going to leave that blank but I decided to flip the bird at Washington with both hands -- as another gentleman put it. However, I was struck by the unfairness because West Virginia, with five Electoral College gets 34 delegates, and Iowa with six Electoral College votes gets 30 delegates. It should be the other way around.

This is not just a Republican thing. We get 29 Democratic delegates while Iowa gets 23 -- and Democrats have nearly twice as many delegates to hand out.

Retire early, die early?

Mom retired at 62. That was nearly 30 years ago. She just turned 92.

But hey, "science" tells us if you retire at 62 you are going to die sooner.

Peggy Noonan gets Trump

Of all the writers I hoped would convert, Peggy Noonan was the one I most hoped would eventually support Trump. When you admire someone, you hope they agree with you. I now realize she never will convert. But she understands.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Tweet of the day

ICE releases 208 murderers

Terry McAuliffe is going to be disappointed. President Obama's administration released 19,723 convicted felons because they are illegal aliens -- or as McAuliffe calls them "future voters."

Today's race hoax

Two black students posted an anti-black racist drawing in a library at Salisbury University in Maryland.

Apparently these adults will go unnamed and unpunished for depicting white students as bigots.

Coming home to The Donald

Donald Trump's foreign policy speech -- his second scripted one -- to the Center for the National Interest, formerly known as the Nixon Center, on Wednesday was a winner.  Having closed the deal with voters, Trump now closes the deal with the influential people in the party who think he needs them to win in November.

Trump needs only 44% of remaining delegates

Teaming Aquaman and Green Arrow on Sunday night failed to stop Trump on Tuesday. Now Aquaman has announced he will marry Wonder Woman if nominated. While all these games are going on, Trump is winning elections and now, according to the New York Times, he has 987 delegates. (Scroll to the end where it adds unpledged delegates).

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tweet of the day

Cruz supporter tells why he lost

It's so over even Rich Danker, head of the Lone Star Committee, a PAC that supports Cruz, admitted it. On Sunday as Cruz and Kasich formed an alliance against progress, Danker sent a memo to supporters that said it's over.

And why.

Trump won Reagan Republicans

If you called yesterday's primaries in five states the "Acela Primary," then you do not understand what just happened. Acela refers to an Amtrak train line that runs from DC to Boston as subsidized transportation for the elite. While the train runs through many metropolitan areas in those five states and New York, Acela is far from Pittsburgh. And while the line may run through the neighborhoods of Trump supporters in the East, it is not how they get around.

Early voting begins in West Virginia

At the county Courthouse. Find out what the hours are before driving all the way to town.

Trump is well on his way to 1,378 delegates

Forget what you are reading elsewhere. Donald Trump is well on his way not just to 1,237 delegates but to 1,378. I base this on my post after Wisconsin in which I ran the numbers state-by-state on the Real Clear Politics delegate calculator.