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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Tweet of the day

"The real war will never get in the books." 
--Walt Whitman

Unarmed black teen murdered

In Cleveland a judge acquitted the lone policeman charged with murder in the bizarre 22-mile, early morning high-speed chase through the town that ended with police firing 137 shots at a car whose driver tried to ram them. Protesters carried "Hands Up" signs, which of course the driver refused to do, which is why he is dead.

Here is a senseless death that should draw protests.

Democrats to run on Obamacare is broken

Obamacare deliberately messed up the Best Health System in the World.

Bar none.

For decades leftist journalists pushed an anti-science, anti-medical agenda to create an artificial demand for Obamacare. Most of the uninsured either did not want it or were only temporarily in tht situation. Many were Medicaid eligible but had not. The Census Bureau quesstion -- which it stopped asking once Obamacare passed -- was not a direct question of do you have health insurance, rather it was have you been without health insurance in the past year.

Obamacare screwed up the health insurance industry and now Democrats -- who screwed up health insurance -- will blame Republicans and promise to fix health insurance.

Charlie Taylor, the Wright-hand man

In 1936, Henry Ford wanted to recreate in Dearborn, Michigan, the Wright Brothers bicycle shop, where the first airplane was built, for Greenfield Village, his tribute to great Americans. Orville Wright suggested that Charlie Taylor could help remember the details, as he had designed and built the engine for the first plane. Wright said Taylor lived somewhere in California, where he had bought a farm and retired.

Indeed, Taylor, 67, lived in California, but he was dead broke. He lost the farm to the Great Depression. He finally found a job for 37 cents an hour as a mechanic at North American Aviation, where he never told his fellow workers that he even knew the Wright Brothers or made their first flight possible. Asked later why he didn't, he replied, "Why should I?"

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tweet of the day

Least shocking development in feminism

From the Man Who Took On Feminism, Robert Stacy McCain:
Earlier this month, St. Joseph’s University announced it had suspended its women’s softball program after “a parent and student came forward in late March, alleging freshman had been forced to drink alcohol and engage in sexual conduct when they joined the team in the fall.” Four players were suspended in April after reports of what Philadelphia ABC affiliate WPVI-TV called “allegations too graphic to be outlined.” Now a former player has filed a federal lawsuit.
Softball teams have lesbian players? I am the opposite of shocked.

The correct ratio

Nearly 14 million people watched the final David Letterman show.

More than 50 million watched John Carson's last show.

Smart ass. Literally

Glenn Reynolds posted a link to this on Facebook: "Meet Patrick: The robotic proctology-simulation ass.


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