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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tweet of the day

The War On Normal. EVIL

Robert Stacy McCain is doing yeoman's work deconstructing feminism at his blog, The Other McCain. He has an ability to get under the fingernails of these gals as he exposes what their real aims are. In a nutshell -- a context-appropriate term -- they are miserable with their lives and want to turn society upside down. They play little games with words and do a lot of word play.

This is the pattern of liberalism, which seeks a conformity to the opposite of what we have. And when we finally accept the once abnormal as normal, they seek to reverse our polarity, by changing it back again. Witness the ban on "The Vagina Monologues" because it excludes women without vaginas. This comes after a ban on white women participating in "The Vagina Monologues," even though it was written by a white woman.

No one should take this seriously. Sigh, we do.

When did Obama care about the poor? EVIL

President Obama has presided over the largest widening of the gap between rich and poor since slavery.

Yet on Friday, this grandson of a banker who has never had to skip a meal in his life or hold a job that involved sweat, had the audacity on Friday to upbraid Mitt Romney, saying: “We have a former presidential candidate on the other side and [who is] suddenly deeply concerned about poverty. That’s great, let’s go. Let’s do something about it.”

Mitt, from the same upper-class background -- but who held jobs that involved sweat -- followed up on that on Twitter.

Red Knickerbocker, the journalist Hitler hated

My American Vignettes on exceptional Americans looks at Hubert Renfro Knickerbocker, the journalist whose warnings about the Soviet Union won him a Pulitzer, and whose scathing reports on Hitler got him kicked out of Germany. Today is the 117th anniversary of his birth.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Tweet of the day

Political correctness is a money machine. EVIL

Jonathan Chait, a renowned liberal editor and University of Michigan graduate in his mid-40s, took a fresh look at the stale topic of Political Correctness. We are intelligent people. Why do we tolerate ideologues who hector us on saying "man up"?

Because, Jonathan Chait asserted, it makes money.

Enviros dump on biofuels. GOOD

After years of successfully lobbying for billions in subsidies for renewable energy, it finally dawned on environmentalists that biofuels cause more harm than good. In a new report, the World Resources Institute in Washington now is pushing against biofuels saying it comes at the cost of feeding people and won't stop climate change.

Nope, I didn't see an apology in there for skeptics.

Liberals deliver the lowest blow on Scott Walker. GOOD

Unable to defeat him in three nationally funded campaigns in Wisconsin -- and hysterical reporting in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel -- liberals are now hitting Republican Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin below the belt.

The New York Observer headlined a column by Lincoln Mitchell: "Is Scott Walker the Republican’s Jimmy Carter?"

John Lansing, America's first murder mystery

My American Vignettes on exceptional Americans looks at John Ten Eyck Lansing Jr., the Founding Father who walked out of the constitutional convention, and broke the rules by publishing his notes on thee convention. More than 40 years later he would disappear, creating a mystery that continues today. Was he murdered? By whom? Today marks his 261st birthday if he still survives the night he disappeared.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tweet of the day

President McCain would have been fun. GOOD

Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee, which heard from former secretaries of state, including the venerable Henry Kissinger, testify on the world situation. Democratic protesters from Code Pink raised a fuss from the the gallery and demanded the arrest of Henry Kissinger for war crimes.

"Get out of here, you low-life scum," Chairman McCain said.

RINO or not, McCain would have been an unusual president.

Communists lure Democrats. GOOD

John Bachtell is national chair of the Communist Party USA is calling for disillusioned Democrats to join him in a third party.

Well, it would not require a shift in policies for Democrats, would it?

California gets egg-zactly what it votes for. GOOD

The Wall Street Journal reported that the average price of a dozen jumbo eggs is $3.16 in California, nearly triple the price of a year ago, when such eggs were $1.18 a dozen. Retail egg prices in California are 66% higher than in other parts of the West, the Journal reported.

The reason? Californians keep electing Democrats to their state legislature, and having killed the goose that laid the golden eggs, California Democrats are killing the chickens that lay thee cheap ones.

Military may try the 401 k. GOOD

The Stars and Stripes reported an advisory board will recommend the military adopt a 401 k plan among other changes in the military retirement system.

Actually it would be a 457 b plan, which is slightly better. From my personal experience, I suggest any military personnel who follow this blog to reserve judgment. They just may come out ahead.

Allen B. DuMont, the father of television

My American Vignettes on exceptional Americans looks at Allen Balcom DuMont, the man who developed the first cheap -- and long-lasting -- cathode ray tube, which made home use of television possible. He also essentially invented. And he is the grandfather of the Fox Broadcasting Network. Today is the 114th anniversary of his birth in Brooklyn, New York.

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